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"Iraqi locals with U.S. Soldiers"

by Justin Thomas - Huge Fan

While serving in Iraq on my first deployment myself and a friend got an O-H-I-O picture with the locals that worked at the U.S. Embassay in Baghdad. I'm the one on the left SSG Justin Thomas, and my bald friend is SGT Matthew Squires.

Middle East, Military

"Petra-Jordan 2010"

by Shaker Hendi

Uploaded via iPhone Application.

Middle East

"Baalbek, Lebanon"

by Emily Stock

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Middle East

"OHIO on top of Masada"

by Tanny and Bette Feerer

Alumni, Middle East

"O-H-I-O @ the Western Wall in Jerusalem"

by ashleigh schufeldt - BA '04- Political Science/ American History

On a recent mission trip to the Holy Land, Saunda, Lindsey, Heather and Ashleigh took the opportunity to show their OH-IO love!

Alumni, Middle East

"O-H-I-O floating in The Dead Sea, Israel"

by Ashlie Decker - PharmD student

December 2011 with Dasha Zhitinev, Brian Meyerson, David Kriner

Middle East

"Near the Ka'bah"

by Aisha

This was taken by the Ka'bah, which is located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Middle East

"1/174th ADA, Camp Victory, Iraq, 2011"

by Brian Meyers - Ohio National Guard

"O" SSG Brian Meyers, "H" SGT Adam Hance, "I" SGT Alan Holbrook, "O" SSG James Shaner

Middle East, Military

"OHIO in Jerusalem"

by Diana gerber

Uploaded via iPhone Application.

Middle East

"O-H-I-O at the Wall"

by Daniel Zaas - International Studies and Geography

Two OSU students join to Israeli soldiers at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israel.

Current students, Middle East

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