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"Sundown on the Big Island, Hawaii"

by Mark richardson - Massive fan. :)

Enjoying a Hawaiian sunset but still thinking O-H-I-O

Silhouettes, US

"O-H-I-O in OBX"

by AGP - Engineering

Silhouettes, US

"Sunset on Pacific Beach"

by Chris Krueger - 1989 OSU grad

Alumni, Silhouettes

"San Diego OHIO"

by David Underhill

Uploaded via iPhone Application.

Silhouettes, US

"OSU Sunset"

by Jimmy Kinderdine - location:Sanibel, FL

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Silhouettes, US

"Sunrise O-H-I-O!"

by Kayla Cushman - Biology Major, Pre-Health

Buckeye pride in South Carolina during spring break.

Current students, Silhouettes

"Buckeye-ville, Tennessee"

by Andy McConnaughey - location:Nashville

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Silhouettes, US

"Bringing O-H-I-O to Ireland"

by Grace Galvin - Bachelor of Fine Arts program

Atlantic Drive, Achill Island, Ireland

Current students, Europe, Silhouettes

"Ohio State fans in Jaffa!"

by Rachel

Here are Ohio State fans from (left to right) England, USA, South Korea, and Italy on the beach in Jaffa, Israel.

Middle East, Silhouettes

"O-H-I-O Front and Center"

by Allison - Buckeye fan for life

Having fun in DC with my Buckeye Gals!

Silhouettes, US

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