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Placing Students First

August 2015


'Welcome Week' Welcomes First-Year Students to Columbus

Stock photography from Taste of OSU

As excited first-year students arrived on campus to start their first semester at The Ohio State University, they were encouraged to attend 'Welcome Week,' a week of more than 100 planned events to inform students and help them make good choices in the very first week of their time as a Buckeye. More

"We strive to live with gratitude"

Dr. Robert Joseph on far left, and Ms. Linda Joseph on far right

Katie and Tom Kochs both received scholarship assistance as students at Ohio State. Now they are holding on to their ideals and supporting students who make the most of the two communities they were a part of. More

Career is a "by-product of a larger purpose"

Asia Hammond

After many life-altering events, including cancer and divorce, Deb returned to school as a nontraditional student to pursue her PhD in education here at The Ohio State University. As she works to make the world a better place, she thanks The Coca-Cola Foundation for its support in her endeavors. More

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