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Placing Students First

September 2016


Scholarship Recipient, Yung-Ju Chen

Yung-Ju Chen

Yung-Ju Chen, a recipient of the Alumni Club of Taiwan Scholarship, is a graduate student pursuing a PhD in kinesiology. Without the support of scholarships, pursuing her dreams of obtaining a doctorate degree would be tough due to financial constraints. More

Scholarship Donor, Brenda Yost '73

Brenda Yost

Brenda Yost, a scholarship donor since 1986, is passionate about the Critical Difference for Women program at Ohio State. Her philanthropy supports the program's efforts to help advance education, careers and research for women. More

Scholarship Recipient, Nicole Rossello

Nicole Rossello

Nicole Rossello, a recipient of the Mariana and George S. Kaufman Scholarship, is a second year student studying civil engineering. A scholarship is more than just financial assistance to her; it provides inspiration and hope that she, too, can strive to one day give back to a school that has already given her so much. More

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