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January 2008

What's going on at Ohio State?

Ohio State looks back at a great year. Cleaning up a children's rec area is the latest in Ohio State's ongoing efforts in New Orleans. Many women still believe old wives' tales about pregnancy, according to an Ohio State doctor. A study finds that views on government censorship and political leanings are closely tied. Getting rid of fleas is easier than many pet owners think. And a new TV spot features your photos and voices.

Year in review

2007 was a good year for Ohio State--and, in turn, for From President Gordon Gee's homecoming to the best freshman class for the 13th time in a row to basketball and football teams that competed in National Championship games, we've had plenty to brag about.

Take a trip down memory lane and see the stories featured on last year.

And see what's in store for in 2008; we're blogging about our plans to update the site next year.

Hard work in the Big Easy

Before the National Championship game, a group Ohio State representatives met volunteers from Louisiana State University at the New Orleans Boys & Girls Club, where they rebuilt two baseball fields that had been destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

It was the latest part of Ohio State's longstanding volunteer presence in the area. Since Katrina hit in 2005, students, faculty, staff, and alumni have stepped up to help in a number of ways. Among other things, volunteers have rebuilt homes, rescued animals, worked on long-range rebuilding plans, and helped to recruit volunteers.

Find out more about Buckeye efforts in the New Orleans area. And help the Alumni Association support the Recovery School District, a collection of schools hardest hit by the hurricane.

Miscarriage myths

In the 18th century, a birthmark on a baby was believed to be a sign that a mother had seen something frightening during her pregnancy.

Dr. Jonathan Schaffir, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology, was amazed to find out that many women still believe that, along with a slew of myths about what causes miscarriage.

Find out what's fact and fiction--and which folklore pregnant women tend to believe.

Reactions to government censorship

Do you think think the U.S. government's attempts to censor certain war images is a reasonable way to show respect for dead soldiers? Or it is a crude attempt to whitewash the horrors of war?

Your views likely depend on your politics, according to a recent study by Andrew Hayes, an Ohio State professor of communication.

People who supported President Bush in the last election tend to accept that censorship, while voters who didn't tend to condemn the policy.

Find out more about the study.

Flea killers

To get rid of pesky fleas, many pet owners flea-dip their pets; flea-bomb their homes; leave while the "bomb" takes effect; and then return home to laundry and vacuuming, to get rid of the chemicals.

Turns out, that's a lot of extra work for nothing.

A recent study found that vacuuming alone is an effective way to get rid of fleas.

Find out why.


Since Ohio State unveiled the O-H-I-O TV spot that ran during football season, we've received hundreds of photos from all around the world; the O-H-I-O site now features more than 900 photos of Buckeyes of all ages, all across the world.

A new O-H-I-O spot, to air during basketball games, uses the photos and voices of Ohio State alumni, students, faculty, and staff.

See the new spot. And add your own photos to the collection.

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