October 2016

Matthew Mayhew and his book

Is college is worth it?

A new book published by Ohio State researcher Matthew Mayhew shows that a four-year college education gave Americans a 12–14 percent private rate of return on their investment during the 2000s. Take a closer look at the value of a degree.


A legacy of engagement

Michael and Brenda Drake

Community engagement is a primary focus for Ohio State President Michael V. Drake. The work that he and his wife, Brenda, are conducting in central Ohio and nationally has earned them recognition and acclaim.


A powerful collaboration

Ian Burkhart

With help from a team at Ohio State and Battelle, Ian Burkhart becomes the first quadriplegic to move a paralyzed extremity using his mind. Read more about Ian and how this collaboration has helped him beat the odds.


Election expertise on display

With Americans getting ready to cast their votes for the country's next president, Ohio State is a hotbed for election activity. The university's expert opinions across multiple disciplines are providing students a unique opportunity to experience an election in a swing state. Learn more about the many ways the university is acting as a living lab during election season.


Historic generosity. Limitless opportunity.

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As Ohio State closes its chapter on the most successful fundraising effort in university history, we look back in awe at what has been accomplished. More than $3 billion in gifts made by over 750,000 donors helped the But for Ohio State Campaign set new standards for what can be achieved.

and points of pride
High Points

Buckeye supercar breaks world record. Reaching an average speed of 341.4 miles per hour, the all-electric Venturi Buckeye Bullet 3 shattered its own previous mark to set a new global, land-speed record. A team of Ohio State engineering students designed and built the streamliner. It is the latest iteration in a series of electric racing vehicles built at the university's Center for Automotive Research.

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Buckeyes through your eyes: #MyOhioState

Bond of a lifetime

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Alyssa Harris, a biochemistry major, captures Hale Hall at sunset.

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