July 2015

2020 Vision

Drake shares 2020 Vision with Ohio

Ohio State President Michael V. Drake traveled the state this month to share his vision of an institution focused on affordable excellence.

Drake’s 2020 Vision tour began in southern Ohio last week, where he used the opportunity to talk to community members, alumni and students about college affordability and other issues important to Ohioans.

The tour also provided a chance to emphasize the importance of community engagement and diversity and inclusion, two key focus areas for Ohio State. Drake will continue his tour with a visit to western Ohio in mid-August.


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Celebrate the sound of a century

Orton Hall chimes

The Orton Hall Chimes have played for generations of Buckeyes on their journey to classes, library study sessions and, eventually, commencement. Celebrate the sound that’s been synonymous with the Oval for a century by reading about its history and downloading a new ringtone of the Orton Hall Chimes.


Riding for a cure

Team Buckeye

On August 8, more than 7,500 riders will take to the streets of central Ohio for Pelotonia 15. These riders’ efforts pay great dividends funding cancer research like the innovative work being done by Ohio State’s Jessica Winter and others. There are a number of ways you can contribute to Pelotonia and the fight to end cancer.


Sex and violence don’t sell

If there’s one thing advertisers think they know, it is that sex and violence sell. A new Ohio State study, however, provides some of the best evidence to date that this widely accepted adage just isn’t true. The overall conclusion, with some caveats, is that programs featuring violence and sex aren’t the ideal context for effective advertising.


The art of healing

Art of healing

Art. We know it can nourish the mind, warm the heart and inspire the psyche. At Ohio State, many are experiencing its power to heal. Learn more about how people around the university are using art in ways that provide some important and unexpected benefits.


Showing support: Dr. Christ Ticoras

Dr. Ticoras

Dr. Christ Ticoras began at Ohio State as an undergraduate and recently completed his third term as a trustee at Ohio State Mansfield. Now, he’s creating scholarships to help other students have a bright future.

and points of pride
High Points

Leader in diversity. Ohio State’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is tied for No. 1 in the nation for number of women faculty and No. 4 for percentage of minority faculty. The top rankings are reflective of the university’s commitment to creating a dynamic learning environment while increasing diversity in STEM disciplines.

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Top of Half Dome at Yosemite

Top of Half Dome at Yosemite
Nothing quite like the summit of Half Dome at Yosemite National Park. Pictured left to right are current Ohio State sophomore Jocie Steinke and her sisters Kayla and Maria, followed by their slightly nervous father Glen Steinke, Class of 1992. Go Bucks.

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