August 2015

Then and now

Then and now

Ohio State is putting out the welcome mat this week.

As new students arrive on campus for Welcome Week, their experiences will be different from many alumni; however, they will learn the same traditions and walk the same halls as hundreds of thousands before them. Explore similar scenes, some separated by more than 100 years, and see how Ohio State has evolved throughout the years.

The start of the new school year is also an opportunity to download or update the Ohio State app on your smartphone. It’s the best way for students, alumni and friends to put campus in their pockets.


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Drake tours Ohio

Drake tours Ohio

Ohio State President Michael V. Drake completed his 2020 Vision tour of Ohio in August with a visit to explore the western part of the state. Drake’s tour gave him the opportunity to share his vision for the university and hear from students and alumni in communities throughout Ohio.


Finding memories

Finding memories

For the first time, Ohio State scientists have found where our brains record the time and place of the events we remember. They’ve discovered that the patterns of brain activity that emerge when we recall memories are indicators of how far apart the events occurred in time and space.


A titan pays forward

Drawing on experiences from a successful career in professional football and business, one legendary gridiron Buckeye is paying forward and preparing the next generation of sports leaders — as a teacher.


Savvy solution seekers

Tom Wheeler

Alumnus Tom Wheeler made a promise to Ohio State students when he came to campus to deliver his first policy speech as FCC chair. “The door is open at the FCC,” he said. Eddie Pauline, director of the Office of Student Life’s Buckeye Leadership Fellows program, knocked right away.


Knowlton gift to help enhance aviation, education and research facilities

The Ohio State University Airport

Continuing its namesake’s commitment to education and to his alma mater, the Austin E. Knowlton Foundation has donated $10 million to upgrade aviation education and research facilities, and the terminal at The Ohio State University Airport.

and points of pride
High Points

Buckeyes ready Pluto’s close-up. Professional and amateur stargazers alike marveled at the high-resolution images of Pluto taken by NASA’s New Horizons space probe – and Ohio State played an important role. University engineers helped test and calibrate the high-gain dish antenna design for New Horizons. It is one of seven instruments that collected data from space.

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Swilcan Bridge, St. Andrews

Swilcan Bridge, St. Andrews
Helga Long ’69, Linda Swendal ’83, Sarah Redman and Becky Gribler share their pride at the 2015 Open golf tournament at St. Andrews in Scotland.

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