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Year in review

From opening the new Urban Arts Space in downtown Columbus to continuing award-winning work in off-campus neighborhoods, Ohio State accomplished a lot in 2008.

Take a look at the stories that shaped the year.

Smart surveillance

Traditional security cameras cover so little ground that some say they have a "soda straw" view of the world. Engineering Professor Jim Davis sees a better way: a networked system of “smart” video cameras that can observe a wide area quickly and efficiently, with much of the work being done by computers.

Find out how Davis' new system works and how it might be used.

Heating help

Paying the heating bill always is an annoyance. But for homeowners already struggling to make ends meet, it can become a huge burden. Ohio State energy specialist Randall Reeder has energy-saving tips that can help reduce heating bills.

See Reeder's advice.

Hunger challenge

Want to start 2009 off right? Support your local food bank--and get a chance to win a football autographed by Archie Griffin. The Alumni Association's Beat Hunger Bowl Challenge continues through Jan. 31.

Find out how to participate.

Signing off

Lauren Sanders has been taken with sign language since third grade, when her grandmother gave her a book on the subject. Now the associate coordinator for Ohio State's sign language program, Sanders recently received another gift: Her aunt and uncle gave the program a donation for student financial aid and travel.

Find out more about the gift.

Share your spirit

O-H-I-O Ski Team

Ashleigh Kasiske, Casey Clum, Ashley Barber, and Sara Sklenka, of The Ohio State University Ski and Snowboard team on a ski lift at Mont Tremblant in Quebec, Canada. See more images.

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January 2009

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