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Year in review

A restored library, an incoming class of 6,607 students, a trip to the Rose Bowl--just a few of our favorite things in 2009. Take a quick look back at a few more reasons that 2009 was an outstanding year for Ohio State at home and around the world.

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Rosy finish

From Brandon Saine's early TD pass to the third-and-13 catch by Jake Ballard, everything came up roses in the Buckeyes' victory against the Oregon Ducks in the Rose Bowl. Finishing 11-2, the team has some time to get their ducks in order before opening Sept. 4 against Marshall.

Download some Rose Bowl photos.

Get the whole nine yards on the game.

Safe haven

Estimates of homeless teens across the country range from 800,000 to 2.8 million. Ohio State professor Natasha Slesnick and human ecology grads are doing their part to create a safe haven for homeless teens in Columbus.

Read more about the nationwide problem in the Ohio State Alumni Magazine.

Air supply

If someone had a heart attack in front of you, would you know what to do? American Medical Association guidelines recommend calling 911 and using "hands-only" CPR. Mouth-to-mouth isn't required, but Ohio State researchers have determined that oxygen is still key to the resuscitation process.

Read more about what you need to know.

Burn baby burn

Why do some people eat whatever they want and not gain weight? Chances are, they have good metabolism. Bottom line: More muscle + less fat = higher metabolism. Which means if you're not born with it, you have to burn it. Here's how.

Meet an Ohio State donor who's helping the Buckeye community stay in shape.

Share your spirit

O-H-I-O: Trunk load of pride

An Asian elephant and caretakers at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium join Ohio State grad (left) in a Buckeye call-out.

More O-H-I-O images.

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