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2010 year in review

In 2010, Ohio State opened a new Ohio Union. President Gee traveled to China and toured the state of Ohio. A professor helped establish tent schools in Haiti. And you helped us reach our 5000th O-H-I-O photo, which students used to create an iPhone app.

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Water for the world


Residents of Cerro Blanco, Peru, spent 25 years battling for access to clean water.

Through one of Ohio State's 1,000-plus student organizations, volunteers traveled to the village to help the community build a clean water system.

Watch the students' story.

Fiscal focus


Ohio State is on a mission to tighten its belt. In 2009, the university saved more than $90 million through reduced health care costs and energy and purchasing contracts. By 2011, the university's prescription drug collaborative anticipates a $300 million savings.

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Mother knows best

Moms can play a vital role in their adult daughters' health care, a new study suggests. Ohio State researchers found that young women are more likely to receive the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine if they talk to their mothers about it.

Find out why the vaccine is so important.

Local lenders

New research suggests that local banks may reduce the default risk of their homebuyers. An Ohio State study found that building a relationship with a local bank may offer some protection to homebuyers, particularly those with low incomes.

Read why it may pay to borrow locally.

Share your pride

O-H-I-O: How sweet it is!

Current students enjoy a front-row view of Ohio State's 31-26 victory over the Razorbacks in the 2011 Sugar Bowl.

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January 2011

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