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February 2008

What's going on at Ohio State?

Pharmacists tell Ohio State researchers why they dislike drive-through drug dispensing. Ohio State experts discuss the healthfulness of chocolate. University tools help homeowners budget--and possibly avoid foreclosure. The Wexner Center awards Spike Lee its highest honor. A theatre grad makes a career as a voice-over artist. The MusicCare program soothes cancer patients. And an engineering student is the man behind the Brutus mask.

Rx: In-store pick-up

The drive-through pharmacy can seem like a godsend when you need to pick up medicine on a cold, rainy day or when you've got a car full of kids. But that convenience may come at the steep price of safety, according to a recent Ohio State study.

Pharmacists see the windows as distracting forces that can result in delays, reduced efficiency, and even dispensing errors.

Find out what pharmacies--and you--can do to reduce prescription errors.

Vitamin chocolate?

For a long time, chocolate was seen as junk food: tasty, sure, but not healthy by any means.

But by now, you've probably heard the recent claim that chocolate--especially dark chocolate--may actually be good for you.

Find out what the experts have to say.

Help for housing woes

Last year, one out of every 56 households was in foreclosure, with an additional one in nine delinquent in mortgage payment.

With the nation on the brink of recession, those numbers probably won't improve in 2008.

OSU Extension wants to help; the office has tools designed to help people manage their finances and prevent foreclosure.

See what the Extension has to offer.

He's Gotta Win It

Spike Lee's in-your-face films consistently tackle topics that resonate in the American psyche: race relations, urban crime, poverty, drug dealers' ethics, and interracial relationships, among others.

The Wexner Center is honoring Lee's three decades in the film industry with their Wexner Prize, which recognizes contemporary artists who have challenged convention. Past winners include filmmaker Martin Scorsese, designer Issey Miyake, and painter Gerhard Richter.

Find out why the Wexner Center chose to honor Lee.

Voice of authority

Ohio State grad Pam Conley's voice may become familiar to you this fall.

Conley has parlayed her 1975 theatre degree into a career as a voice-over artist--and as the presidential election approaches, she's aiming for an affiliation with a presidential candidate. From a studio in Columbus, Conley records political ads, commercials, and interactive telephone responses.

Read the Ohio State Alumni Magazine story about Conley's career. And consider nominating a special Buckeye for an Alumni Award of Excellence.

Music man

Music therapy has been proven to have a soothing effect on cancer patients; the American Cancer Society recognizes it as a cheap, effective way to help patients relax.

That's why Frank White, an Ohio State engineering graduate who has a passion for music, helped the university's Comprehensive Cancer Center create its MusicCare program, which brings music--both recorded and live--to cancer patients.

Find out more about White's gift and the MusicCare program.

Nutty about mascoting

In many ways, Brian Bunting is a typical Ohio State student; the junior is an Army ROTC member who's majoring in industrial engineering.

But on game day, Bunting is the center of attention as Brutus Buckeye.

"Running across the football field, you can’t hear anything," he says. "You’re right next to the band, but you can’t hear them. To be such a central role on a game day Saturday is unbelievable."

Find out more about Bunting. And see how Brutus has evolved since his 1965 introduction.

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