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Peter Mansoor is a military careerist who most recently served in a high-profile position in Iraq. John Mueller is a political scientist who believes world leaders overreact to national security threats and terrorism.

Their common ground? Ohio State's Mershon Center, an academically diverse think tank dedicated to studying international security.

Find out more about the Mershon Center and its faculty.

Gee pledges $1 million to students

Next fall, an Ohio freshman will begin his or her Ohio State career with a full scholarship, courtesy of President Gee. Gee recently promised $1 million in scholarship money for academically gifted students in need.

See details of the scholarship.

Breaching trust

A breach of trust in a relationship is hard to fix. But it's easier to remedy than a bad first impression. Early relationship missteps may plant seeds of doubt that never go away, according to new Ohio State research.

Find out more about the study.

"What I did this winter"

Ohio State students spent winter break doing out-of-classroom learning: volunteering with children with HIV/AIDS, building homes, and job shadowing in their fields.

Read several students' winter break "diaries."

Now and then: revisiting High Street

To go to Ohio State is to know and love High Street. The Ohio State Alumni Magazine recently looked back at the university's main drag and how it's changed through the years.

See a slideshow of High Street photos, old and new.

Share your spirit

O-H-I-O on Mt. Kilimanjaro

Vijay Ramanavarapu (Finance, Class of 2006) and friends at the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa (19,340 ft). See more images.

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February 2009

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