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Economic engine

Ohio State is one of the top job generators in the state through its industry and research partnerships. In southern Ohio, Ohio State's Endeavor Center has guided new business growth, resulting in $50 million in economic impact. Ohio State Medical Center's $1 billion expansion will create 5,000 construction jobs. And a College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences initiative has been helping small businesses thrive in communities across Ohio.

Learn more about Ohio State's role in the "progress business" and read President Gee's thoughts on how the university revs up the economy.

"But For Ohio State"


With $100 million, Class of 1959 alum Les Wexner has made the largest philanthropic gift in university history. President Gee called it "a transformative moment" that will "make an enormous difference in generations to come."

Find out what Ohio State means to Wexner, tell us what it means to you, and see what fellow Buckeyes have to say.

March on!


Congrats to the Bucks for an outright Big Ten title and record-setting season, including Big Ten triple-threat honors for Jon Diebler. A shout-out to the Lady Bucks for winning their third straight Big Ten tournament.

Follow the Bucks to the Big Ten tourney.

Ego boost

Are young adults a little into self-flattery? Maybe so: An Ohio State study found college students value boosts to their self-esteem over sex, friends, favorite foods, alcohol, and money.

Learn more about the research. Read an interview with Ohio State's VP for Research in the Ohio State Alumni Magazine.

CSI: Ohio State

It takes more than an hour to solve a real-life crime. Take it from forensic archaeologist Jules Angel, a former Scotland Yard investigator who sometimes spent an entire day photographing a single fingerprint. Now she's sharing that expertise with Ohio State students.

Read more about Ohio State's "CSI" team.

Share your pride

O-H-I-O: Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

An Ohio State alum shares his pride at the Bolivian Salt Flats. Check out more alumni around the globe.

More O-H-I-O images.

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March 2011

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