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April 2007

What's going on at Ohio State?

A professor takes her 15th trip to Antarctica. Med Center researchers discover why men are more likely than women to get skin cancer. The best mutual funds may not be the ones you see on TV. The university helps women give back. Ohio State and Iceland team up to fight global warming. Researchers find that diet may help prevent depression. The Buckeyes take the field for the spring game April 21. And it's time to plan to attend Ohio State's fall reunion.

Polar express

Shortly after Terry Wilson came to Ohio State in the 1980s, the geology professor started taking students to Antarctica to study.

Now, Wilson has been to Antarctica 15 times. She's earned a reputation internationally, and now helps recruit top geologists from around the world to study on "the Ice," as Antarctica is known among polar researchers.

Watch a short video about Wilson's latest trip to the South Pole.

Safe skin

Men are three times as likely as women to develop certain skin cancers--an unfortunate fact that researchers have always attributed to men's longer hours in the sun and their reluctance to wear sunscreen.

New Ohio State research shows that inherent gender differences, not behavior, may be to blame.

Find out how gender is linked to skin cancer risk.

Mutual satisfaction

Looking to stow some tax-refund cash in a mutual fund? The investment firms you see advertised on TV may not be the best deal.

Companies that advertise on TV and in magazines and newspapers often charge their customers higher fees, an Ohio State study says. The result is costly: Investors who pay lower fees can accumulate up to 20 percent more money for the same payments.

Find out more about what the study means for investors.

Women and money

Women are earning--and donating--more money than ever before.

Ohio State's Office of University Development has recently launched a program that allows women to pool their money, in an effort to help female donors determine how their gift dollars can best be spent.

Find out more about the Women & Philanthropy program.

Icelandic precedent

Iceland has a lofty goal: to offset all of its carbon emissions and become carbon-neutral within 25 years, turning the country into a model of environmental awareness for the rest of the world.

Ohio State soil scientist Rattan Lal is working to help make that happen.

President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson recently came to campus to meet with Lal and discuss green energy.

Listen to Grímsson's lecture.

Depression prevention

Depression can be difficult to treat. Knowing how to prevent it in the first place is cause for celebration.

Ohio State researchers have discovered that a diet with the right balance of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids can reduce the odds of depression, as well as other health problems.

Find out more about the fatty acids and how to get the right amount of each.

Sports report

The daffodils have bloomed and it's time to gas up the lawn mower.

In football speak, that means it's about time for the public debut of the 2007 Buckeyes.

See details of the April 21 game. And find out about the 15 high school seniors who will be Buckeyes this fall.


Mark your calendars: Ohio State's annual fall reunion is September 7-9, to coincide with the Buckeyes' second home game, against Akron.

Get Reunion Weekend details.


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