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May 2007

What's going on at Ohio State?

A new Ohio State tool simplifies gardening. A study shows how marital relationships help or hinder parenting. The Medical Center offers a free online cancer assessment. Allergy sufferers aren't the only ones inconvenienced by hay fever, a study finds. A recent grad donates more than $50,000 for the new Ohio Union. The Alumni Association offers tickets to out-of-town Ohio State football games. The NFL snaps up former Buckeyes. And the Wexner Center creates a downloadable "mix tape" featuring cutting-edge tunes.

Sowing seeds of garden aid

Imagine going to a garden center and coming home with explicit written instructions on how to plant a rose bush or get rid of outdoor insect pests.

An Ohio State educator recently developed a tool that does just that. The Gardeners' Tool Shed, a computer and printer on a kiosk, is being tested at MeadowView Growers Inc. in New Carlisle.

Find out more about the tool.

And (cranky) baby makes three

How well a couple deals with a cranky baby depends on more than experience and disposition. The quality of parents' relationship with each other also comes into play.

"When couples with a supportive marital relationship have a difficult baby, they tend to rise to the challenge," said Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan, co-author of the study. "Couples who don't have a strong relationship with each other are more likely to undermine each other and get into conflicts."

Find out more.

Determine your cancer risk

If cancer is in your family history, you may wonder about your own health risk.

The Ohio State University Medical Center's James Cancer Hospital now has a tool that may help answer some of your questions: a quick, free online assessment that uses family medical history to determine an individual's risk for cancer and offer cancer-prevention tips.

Take the JamesLink: Personalized Cancer Risk Assessment.

Spring fever

Sneezing, itchy eyes, runny noses. Hay fever stinks--and not just for allergy sufferers.

A recent Ohio State study determined that the spring and fall ailment costs employers nearly 4 million lost work days per year.

Find out more about the study and the importance of correctly diagnosing hay fever.

A new Ohio Union

Having come to Ohio State from Maryland, Tanya Rutner couldn't make a quick trip home as a student.

Instead, Rutner turned to the Ohio Union. "It really was my home away from home away from home. The Union represents everything that was great for me at Ohio State," she says.

Rutner, a 24-year-old 2005 graduate, recently gave $54,000 toward the renovation of the union.

Find out more about Rutner's gift.

Buckeye Bash

The Buckeyes' 2007 football season is fast approaching.

If you want to root for the team on the road, the Alumni Association's Buckeye Bash program is a great way to do it. The program offers Alumni Association members tickets to most away games and a chance to connect with fellow Buckeye fans on the road.

Members can reserve tickets online on a first-come, first-serve basis starting July 1. (Join the association to take advantage of this and other perks.)

Buckeyes in the NFL

The Buckeyes aren't the only ones preparing for football.

The NFL is ready to get started, too--and team rosters include several former Buckeyes. Eight Ohio State players were picked in the NFL draft, held earlier this month, including two in the first round: Ted Ginn Jr., who was picked ninth by the Miami Dolphins, and Anthony Gonzalez, who was picked by the Indianapolis Colts.

Find out where other Buckeyes were drafted and see who is signing with a free agent.

Wexner debuts Mixtape

Looking for some new music for your Memorial Day weekend cookout?

The Wexner Center has stepped in to help you out. Download Wexner Mixtape #1, a compilation of five tracks from bands that will play at the Wex's upcoming Next@Wex shows, which feature the latest in electronica, postrock, world music, and jazz.

See upcoming Next@Wex concerts.

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