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Congratulations, new alumni

Ohio State's alumni family has just welcomed a record 8,652 graduates!

Enjoy sights and sounds from commencement, held June 13 at the Shoe. See what some of the brightest grads are doing. Find out what the Ohio State Alumni Association has to offer. And read President Gee's top ten guidelines for graduates.

Stay in the loop


Ohio State has two new ways for alumni to keep up with their alma mater: Watch, a site that features Ohio State videos, and Interact, which connects users to social media at Ohio State.

Also, check out Ohio State on Facebook and Twitter. And keep up with President Gee on Twitter.

Mind over matter


When it comes to depression, changing the way you think can be more effective than changing your behavior. An Ohio State study of clinically depressed patients suggests that positive thinking leads to positive living.

Read more about battling depression.

Lust on the range

Male antelopes have been caught "lying" to get more sex, according to an Ohio State study of topi antelopes in Kenya. The finding of "intentional deceit" is striking because it's typically attributed only to humans and a select few animal species.

Read how some antelopes play the field.

Cream of the crop

As an undergrad, Adrienne Strong went to Tanzania to study the lack of prenatal medical care.

Strong just graduated with a Fulbright scholarship--but first, she joined hundreds of students at the Denman Forum for Undergraduate Research.

Hear undergrad researchers discuss their work. And see more about top scholars like Strong.

Share your pride

O-H-I-O: 5,000!

Thanks to Buckeyes who've helped us reach 5,000 O-H-I-O photos! Download the poster!

More O-H-I-O images.

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June 2010

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