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Summer 2008

What's going on at Ohio State?

Chubby dogs hit a treadmill at Ohio State. IM'ing at work can be a good thing, a new study shows. Moms' attitudes influence whether dads are partners in child care, researchers find. The baby of the family makes her nine older siblings proud as the family's first college student. Walk-on football players get some attention. Orthodontists lay out the pros and cons of clear braces. And Ohio State offers a new way for alumni to find out about events on campus: a podcast.

Treadmill dog

Some dogs at the College of Veterinary Medicine's Canine Physical Rehabilitation Facility are recovering from surgery or joint injuries. Others simply need to drop a few pounds.

The rehab facility's new tool--an underwater treadmill--is used to treat dogs in both camps. Just as in water aerobics for people with arthritis, the underwater treadmill eases the pressure on dogs' joints.

Find out more and see the treadmill in action.

IM: 4U at work

Want fewer interruptions while at work? Consider using instant messaging.

New Ohio State research finds IM'ing is an efficient substitute for lengthier phone, e-mail, and face-to-face communication--contrary to the widespread belief that IM is a disruptive force in the workplace.

Find out why IM is so efficient.

Baby behavior

Next time you see a man feeding a baby at a restaurant or taking a toddler to the park, take a look at his partner. Chances are, she pushes him to be a hands-on dad.

An Ohio State study of 97 couples found that dads are more involved in caring for their babies when their partners actively encourage their participation--even when factors such as the couple's relationship, the mother's hours at work, and parental views of paternal involvement are taken into account.

Find out more about the study.

Access to Education

Janet Soto Rodriguez comes from a family of migrant workers who moved to Ohio from Mexico when she was a young child. The youngest of 10 children, she's also the first member of her family to go to college.

Now, Rodriguez is an Ohio State student. "My mother always stressed that education is really important," she says. "When we were in Mexico, we knew that if we had to substitute beans for a meat dish, so that we could actually go to school, that was what was really important."

Hear what Rodriguez and others say about being first-generation college students.

Football 2008

Think of the Buckeyes and you remember superstars like Archie Griffin, Eddie Geoge, Cris Carter.

But highly recruited athletes aren't the only ones who play in the Shoe. The Ohio State Alumni Magazine recently profiled the walk-on players who "know their dreams of Buckeye football glory may be just out of reach."

Read the magazine's stories about walk-ons and its season preview.

Brace yourself

Clear ceramic braces are undeniably more attractive than a mouth full of metal. The paradox? The more tasteful braces are, the harder they are for orthodontists to manage.

"The general trends of appliance attractiveness are universal," says Henry Fields, an Ohio State professor of orthodontics and author of a recent study on the topic. "The stainless steel that we like to use, which is the most durable and efficient, is often ranked the lowest in attractiveness. These braces don't wear out and you can get total control with them. The most aesthetic ones have limitations on the types of movements you can make and forces you can deliver, and the efficiency. And the ceramics sometimes have breakage problems, and they tend to just be a little bit more delicate."

Find out more about the study of metal v. ceramic braces.

Get in the loop

Want to find out what's happening at Ohio State this week?

Buckeye Loop, our new events podcast, will keep you in the know about the biggest events on campus each week.

Listen online or subscribe to the RSS feed.

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