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But for Ohio State

In fiscal year 2013, 228,297 alumni and friends donated $374 million to Ohio State. These Buckeyes are helping the university move from excellence to eminence as part of the But for Ohio State Campaign. From support for student scholarships to investment in research and innovation, this year's fundraising totals are 3.5% higher than last year, with 31.5% more alumni contributing.

"Donors' investment in Ohio State is an incredible testament to their belief in us as a forward-looking and -thinking university with world-changing potential," says Michael C. Eicher, Senior Vice President for Advancement and President, The Ohio State University Foundation.

Learn more about Buckeyes' generosity, including a new scholarship created by Ohio State alumni band O.A.R.

Lifelong learning


Education brings a lifetime of benefits, from greater economic opportunities to job satisfaction to better health. Ohio State researchers are studying how people learn best--from preschool to old age, and everywhere in between.

Learn how Ohio State's commitment to education extends beyond college students.

Parental dreams


When some parents fail to become the star quarterback or lead of the school play, they may try to influence their children to fulfill the dreams that they themselves haven't achieved.

Read the Ohio State research that gives insight into the actions of "stage moms" and "sports dads" who push their sometimes-unwilling kids to become stars.

Greener grass

Homeowners spray their lawns with pesticides and fertilizers to kill weeds and make grass grow, right? Wrong, says a new Ohio State study. Instead, the main factor behind lawn chemical use is whether or not neighbors are using them.

Find out why treated lawns may be a reflection of homeowners' desires to fit in.

Online interactions

Last month, Ohio State reached a social media milestone: The 500,000th user liked our Facebook page. Thanks to Buckeyes around the world for staying connected to their university!

Want another way to keep up-to-date with what's happening on campus? Download the latest version of the OSU Mobile app.

Share your pride

O-H-I-O: Pachyderm pride

Fisher College of Business students form O-H-I-O in Thailand. Follow stories of study-abroad adventures, internships, and more at #OSUsummer.

More O-H-I-O images.

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July 2013

But for Ohio State
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