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September 2006

What's going on at Ohio State?

Ohio State welcomes new alumni. The Buckeyes begin the 2006 football season with a bang. Students help out at a camp for HIV-positive children. An Ohio State sports medicine doc says injured athletes need more than just physical rehab. A professor figures out how to make Lake Erie safe to drink. Ohio State researchers determines who gets the most out of marriage. An 11-year-old girl makes a big donation to thank Ohio State for caring for her grandma. Ohio State experts explore how America has changed five years after 9/11. And South Campus Gateway becomes home to public art created by a recent graduate.

Congratulations, grads!

Ohio State 2006 Summer Commencement

Ohio State welcomed 1,813 new alumni at summer commencement, held August 27.

View a slideshow with commencement images and learn how to stay connected to Ohio State after graduation.

O-H! 2-0!

With two victories already behind them, the Buckeyes are on their way to a great 2006 season--and we've got a smorgasbord of football information for alumni.

Lending a hand in the Heartland

Camp Heartland volunteers

Susie Friedman wants to be a doctor; as an undergrad, she's already started working on her bedside manner.

Friedman recently led a group of nine Ohio State students on a trip to Minnesota's Camp Heartland for HIV-positive children.

Find out how the students helped--and how Friedman says the trip "enhanced the pre-medical side of my education."

Sports injury? The mind needs healing, too

College football, NFL games, and a slew of high school sports: Fall is a cornucopia of sports, complete with plenty of unfortunate on-field injuries.

Recovery isn't just limited to physical rehab, says Dr. Thomas Best, chief of sports medicine at the Ohio State Med Center.

"When you take someone away from an environment where he or she is comfortable and thriving," Best says, "this can lead to anxiety and depression."

Find out about the mental aspect of sports injuries.

Drinking Lake Erie

Microcystis algae

Good news for the 13 million people who rely on Lake Erie for water: An Ohio State professor has figured out how to take more than 95 percent of a common algae-related toxin out of the water.

Toxins secreted by the blue-green algae Microcystis--the ones Professor Hal Walker studied--can cause liver damage in people and animals.

Find out more about the filtration technique and its uses.

Depressed singles are happiest spouses

Think your mopey friend would perk up if he or she got married? You may be right.

Ohio State researchers have determined that depressed singles actually get more satisfaction out of marriage than relatively happy people.

Find out why.

Meet a young donor

When she was admitted to Ohio State’s Ross Heart Hospital, Arlene Stalling was told she had only two days to live. But doctors stabilized her condition, and several months later, she’s still enjoying time with her family members.

Stalling’s 11-year-old granddaughter, 4-H member Amber Abram, recently thanked the hospital with an unexpected gift: a $400 donation, earned by raising and selling two pigs at the Perry County Fair.

Read more about Amber’s donation.

And watch a short video about the Ohio State/4-H connection.

9/11: Five years later

A small price to pay for safety or an egregious violation of civil liberties?

Read an Ohio State Alumni Magazine story about the delicate balance of national security and civil liberties.

And find out what one Ohio State professor is doing to help Ohioans understand Arab Americans, a group she says has become "the most misunderstood" immigrant group in the nation.

Painting Gateway

Painting the Gateway

In August, Sarah Weinstock received her master's in painting. But even before that, she had a high-profile job: creating nine huge murals for a South Campus Gateway store.

The 4-foot-by-8-foot murals--featuring veggies such as mushrooms, cabbage, and brocciflower--appears in the windows of Sunflower Market on the corner of Ninth Avenue and High Street.

See the murals and read about the project.

Then find out about other Gateway businesses and what they offer on football Saturdays.

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