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September 2007

What's going on at Ohio State?

The university's football TV spot features photos taken by students and alumni. Researchers compare year-round school to traditional calendars. A photographer remembers 9/11. Ohio State offers tips for dealing with an overabundance of garden bounty. A couple donates a golf course to the university. Researchers find that certain vegetables are the best cancer fighters. And a pop culture icon shows his work at the Wexner Center.


Wherever Buckeyes go and whatever they do, they bring their school spirit.

A new 30-second TV spot--to air during football games--features photos students, alumni, and fans have taken, posed in the O-H-I-O formation, around the world.

Check out more than 275 O-H-I-O photos from around the world. Get directions on how to send in your own O-H-I-O photo.

And watch the TV spot.

Year-round school?

Now that school has started, teachers and parents may worry that students have spent the summer forgetting everything they'd learned last year.

But a new study challenges that: An Ohio State sociologist has found that students who go to school year-round don't do any better than those in traditional schools.

Find out why.

Remembering 9/11

Six years ago, in the wake of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, Ohio State graduate Joel Meyerowitz was the sole photographer granted total access to Ground Zero.

Meyerowitz spent nine months at the site; last year, he published a book of that work (Aftermath: World Trade Center Archive). He recently told the Ohio State Alumni Magazine about the experience--and how the early support of an Ohio State art professor helped him through that time.

Read the magazine story.

Attack of the tomatoes

Tomato salsa. Tomato sauce. Tomato salad. Tomato soup.

A huge crop of tomatoes sounds like a great idea in the spring. But by Labor Day, many gardeners are inundated. Whether you're overloaded with tomatoes, peppers, or green beans, the university's Extension Office has a solution: Dehydrate the vegetables, then enjoy them throughout the fall and winter.

Find out how to dry vegetables.

Hole in one

Ohio State recently got a one-of-a-kind gift: a 193-acre golf course.

Betty and Earl Hawkins donated Hawk's Nest to the university's Agricultural Technical Institute.

a lab for students in Ohio State's top-ranked turf-grass management program.

Find out more.

Cancer killers

Heading to the farmers market? Two new Ohio State studies might help guide your choices.

Researchers recently studied the effects of certain foods on colon and oral cancers.

Find out how deeply hued fruits and vegetables killed colon cancer cells in one study and how avocados helped thwart oral cancer in another.

Wegman's world

Photographer William Wegman's famous Weimaraners are pop culture icons. They've appeared on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show and Sesame Street. One was even named "Man of the Year" by the Village Voice.

This fall, more than 200 pieces of Wegman's art--including photos of the dogs--are showcased at the Wexner Center.

Find out more about the Wegman exhibition.

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