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September 2008

What's going on at Ohio State?

The new includes plenty of new features. Researchers find a way to increase tomatoes' cancer-fighting power. Ohio State dentists provide free care to elementary school children. A study links stress with allergy attacks. Researchers study honest students. An alum learns the art of Chinese storytelling. The Athletics Department wants to hear your Horseshoe memories. Ohio State unveils its fall TV spot. And Ohio State launches a season of art, including the Andy Warhol exhibition.

A new

Ohio State's home page has a new look. The new includes plenty of new features for alumni to enjoy:

* Image of the Day, which features users photos of themes such as "Campus Through the Years." (Watch for Game Day photos.)

* A new O-H! page dedicated to Buckeye spirit.

* A new Alumni page that features Alumni Magazine stories, free downloads (MP3s, ringtones, etc.), alumni O-H-I-O photos, and opportunities for social networking.

You say tomato, they say cancer fighter

Health-conscious eaters may already know that tomatoes are the primary food source of lycopene, a pigment that's been linked to cancer prevention.

A new Ohio State study adds a surprising twist: Tomatoes are actually even more powerful cancer fighters once they've been mixed with fat and subjected to intense heat. The finding is contrary to conventional food science wisdom that processing depletes vegetables of nutrients.

Find out more about the study--and what home cooks can learn from the research.

Free dental care for kids

A lack of dental care is the No. 1 unmet health care need of young Ohioans.

Ohio State dentists have lent a hand, volunteering in a mobile dental clinic that travels to Columbus-area elementary schools. They've provided more than 17,000 dental procedures to children since the program started three years ago.

“In the scheme of things, it’s often not a priority when you put dental care against whether or not you eat, or whether or not you have the lights on in the house,” says Dr. Canise Bean, an Ohio State dentistry professor. “If there were no money to support this bus, some students might never get dental care.”

Find out more about the program.


Wheezing, sneezing, and itching your eyes? You may blame hay fever--but stress could be partially at fault, too.

Even slight stress and anxiety can substantially worsen allergic reactions, according to a new Ohio State study.

Find out more about the study.

The psychology of honesty

Plenty of studies have focused on why students cheat. A new piece of research takes a different perspective, looking at students who don't cheat.

Students who scored high on measures of courage, empathy, and honesty were least likely to report cheating--or intentions to cheat in the future. They were also less likely to believe that other students regularly cheated.

Find out more about the study.

A teller of tales

As an undergrad at Ohio State, Eric Shepherd picked a Chinese class as a way to fulfill his language requirement. That led to a master's and Ph.D.--and a yearlong apprenticeship in China to master the art of Shandong kuaishu, "fast tales" told in the manner of one-man shows.

“Sometimes I portray an educated person, and other times I'm a country hick,” Shepherd said. "That's what makes it such an art form, because I'm always imitating behaviors and trying something new with each performance.”

Find out more--and watch Shepherd tell a story.

In the Horseshoe

Last Saturday, the Buckeyes reached a milestone: They became the fifth Division I football team to win 800 games.

One thing has been constant throughout the team's long winning history: its fervent fans. This year, the Athletics Department is collecting fans' stories of "Ohio Stadium Moments."

Read fans' memories--and add your own.


From our athletics prowess to our academic success, there's never been more Ohio State news to cheer about. Buckeyes around the world have shown their pride: The O-H-I-O web site features more than 1,700 photos taken around the world.

The snapshots were used to create Ohio State's new 30-second TV spot, which will run during fall football games.

Fall arts preview

Fall isn't just for football. Ohio State also is offering a full slate of art events this season, on campus and in downtown Columbus.

The Wexner Center landed the only U.S. stop for an Andy Warhol exhibition, "Other Voices, Other Rooms." The Columbus Museum of Art is hosting "Objects of Wonder," a collection of items from the university's archives. And the new OSU Urban Arts Space features faculty artists' work.

(Image: Andy Warhol Cow, 1966 Screen print on wallpaper, 115.6 x 75.6 cm vertical repeat. Refabricated for The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, 1994 © 2007 The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. All rights reserved.)

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