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October 2006

What's going on at Ohio State?

Ohio State Professor Herb Asher helps students get involved in politics. Ohio State offers tips on how to avoid E. coli. WOSU opens its Digital Media Center at COSI. Researchers determine why women outpace men in college. Students' summer projects take them from Mansfield to South Africa. A nurse educated at Ohio State gives back. Jon Stewart brings his Daily Show to campus. Ohio State's new eLearning Center offers the world's most comprehensive collection of online courses. And bust out that scarlet and gray: It's time for Homecoming.

Get out the vote, plus

Professor Herb Asher

Look around Professor Herb Asher's campaign politics class, and you'll see some of Ohio State's most politically active students.

Each fall, Asher--a well-respected elections expert who often is quoted in the local and national media--connects students with political candidates who need volunteers. That's about 2,000 Ohio State students, including some current office-holders, since he began teaching the class 25 years ago.

Find out more about the class and read what students have to say.

How to avoid E. coli

Does the recent E. coli news have you wondering how safe your kitchen is?

Ohio State's Department of Human Nutrition program can help.

The department offers tips on how to avoid E. coli poisoning; the university also offers food safety fact sheets on everything from how to avoid botulism to proper freezer storage.

While you learn what to do at home, Ohio State researchers are tackling the bigger issue: how to eradicate food borne illnesses altogether.


WOSU at COSI display

With some help from Clifford the Big Red Dog and Curious George, WOSU recently opened its Digital Media Center at COSI, the downtown Columbus Center of Science and Industry.

WOSU@COSI is the nation's only public broadcast station housed at a science center. The result: a large public space where visitors can watch radio and TV shows being broadcast, put themselves in thousands of combinations of television scenes, and learn how documentaries, podcasts, and webcasts are made.

See WOSU's new digs on opening day and find out what's in store for guests.

College: Why women succeed

In 1960, women received only 35 percent of all bachelor's degrees. But since 1982, women have been outpacing men in college graduation rates. Two years ago, women received 58 percent of bachelor's degrees awarded.

Researchers at Ohio State recently studied the discrepancy.

Read their findings about why women outpace men in college--and how fathers affect whether children go to college.

What I did this summer


Whether it was teaching a dance camp for developmentally disabled kids in Mansfield or using engineering to solve long-standing problems in South Africa, Ohio State students near and far used summer break as an opportunity to learn outside the classroom.

Find out what eight students have to say about their summer projects, from NASA to Alaska to New Orleans and beyond.

Nursing grad gives back

When Flo Ann Easton's preemie grandson was born, her family relied on Ohio State's Med Center and Children's Hospital to give him the kind of specialized care that the smallest, earliest babies need.

Just before his second birthday, Grayson is thriving, a normal, busy toddler. And now that the family is out of crisis mode, Easton has found a way to thank Ohio State. She recently gave the College of Nursing--from which she graduated in 1962--$150,000 for a facility that uses computerized infant patient simulators to help nursing students learn.

Find out more about Easton's gift and Ohio State's Technology Learning Complex.

Big man on campus

Jon Stewart

He's hosted one of the hottest shows on TV for seven years, winning Emmys and Peabodys and interviewing guests such as Senator John McCain, former President Bill Clinton, Ringo Starr, and George Carlin.

So what does Jon Stewart want to do now?

Come to Ohio State.

The Daily Show is coming to campus to tape the episodes that will air on Comedy Central from October 30 to November 2.

Find out more about Stewart's "Battlefield Ohio: The Daily Show's Midwest Midterm Midtacular" and his students-only campus show.

Take a class, the easy way

Ever wanted to learn Italian in your pajamas? Graphic design on your lunch break? Personal finance while the baby's taking a nap?

Consider Ohio State's new eLearning Center, which offers 5,000 online courses for students who want to learn at their own pace.

See a list of courses and find out how to register.

Homecoming 2006

OSU cheerleaders and Brutus

With six wins and no losses this season, the Buckeyes are living up to their No. 1 pre-season ranking.

Come celebrate at Homecoming, where Buckeyes will face off against Minnesota on October 28.

And check out weekly updates on how former Buckeyes are doing in the NFL.

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