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November 2007

What's going on at Ohio State?

Italian opera stages are a classroom for Ohio State music students. Cheaper wine is within reach, according to a new study. First-generation college students share their experiences. Global warming hits Ohio. Women and men have different management styles that affect family businesses, a study finds. A non-traditional student gets childcare help, thanks to a grant for women students. And it's time for the Columbus International Children's Film Festival. The Ohio State/Michigan rivalry is featured in an HBO documentary.

Opera Italiana

Before he spent five weeks in Italy this summer, Michael Hamilton hadn't spoken a word of Italian.

But thanks to an Ohio State grant and La Musica Lirica—an intensive music program for American students—Hamilton was part of a group of Ohio State music students who performed Italian operas for the locals of Novafeltria in northern Italy.

"The highlight for me was definitely experiencing something that was so different from how we live here," Hamilton says.

Find out more about the program and see excerpts of Ohio State students' performances.

Study: Online competition means cheaper wine

Wine would be cheaper across the United States if there were no trade barriers between states, according to a recent Ohio State study.

The study was based on data from Virginia, where buyers can purchase wine online. Online wine stores had better prices on wine than wine shops physically in the area.

“Consumers are better off when local stores have to compete with online sellers,” said Alan Wiseman, a political science professor and one of the study's authors.

Find out more.

Generation 1

Arts Dean Karen Bell's father couldn't imagine why she wanted to go to college. Ohio State graduate Keith Lofton was just a sophomore in college when his son was born. Undergraduate Deb Van Camp grew up not always knowing where grocery money was coming from.

Bell and Lofton are first-generation college graduates who recently talked about how they got to—and through—college. Van Camp is a current Ohio State student who serves on the university's Board of Trustees.

Hear their stories--and get tips on what teenagers can do to prepare for college, academically and financially.

Ohio heats up

It's finally cooled off in Ohio—after record-setting temperatures in the 90s last month had plenty of Ohioans worried about global warming.

But researchers have found evidence of climate change in Ohio.

Find out how much temperatures have risen.

All in the family

How a mom-and-pop business is run largely depends on whether the mom or the pop is the head honcho.

A recent study of family businesses found that women and men have vastly different business styles.

Find out about gender differences and how they affect earnings.

Helping women

Jen Lipthratt has worked as a tour guide in Europe and eastern Asia, studied at Sejong University in South Korea and the University of Georgia, and worked through the long and uncertain U.S. immigration process.

Now the South Korean native is working toward a degree in respiratory therapy at Ohio State, thanks in part to a Coca Cola Re-entry Scholarship for women who have interrupted their education. That extra money helps foot the bill for her son's care.

Find out more about Lipthratt and her scholarship.

Cinema for kids

From cartoons and a Muppet Christmas special to a documentary and a Charlie Chaplin flick, the Wexner Center's Columbus International Children's Film Festival has something for everyone.

Also on schedule during the festival are events such as an ice cream social and a pajama party.

Find out more about the festival, which begins November 29.

No. 1 rivalry

The Ohio State/Michigan game is commonly regarded as the hottest rivalry in college sports.

The history of the game--to be played November 17 in Ann Arbor--is so hot that it's the subject of a new HBO Sports documentary.

Find out more about The Rivalry, a documentary that airs this fall on HBO.


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