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December 2008

What's going on at Ohio State?

The university is recognized for its off-campus partnerships. Ohio State goes green. The university continues to help low-income students get to college. A study predicts general surgeons will be in short supply by 2010. Family farmers get advice from the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center. A sociology professor makes a surprising discovery about workplace sexual harassment. A university nutritionist gives advice on how to make cheap, healthy meals. And Ohio State heads to the Fiesta Bowl.

Good neighbors

A decade ago, the University District--and particularly the Weinland Park neighborhood--was a community characterized by crime.

Now, Weinland Park is returning to its roots as a safe, friendly place. Neighborhood outreach and redevelopment efforts by Ohio State's Campus Partners, the City of Columbus, and private developers have led to economic promise: More than $500 million in University District building investment has been developed or planned.

Find out about the national recognition Ohio State is getting for its work in the off-campus neighborhoods, including South Campus Gateway and the Schoenbaum Family Center.

Scarlet, Gray & Green

Walk around campus these days and you're increasingly likely to see evidence of the ways Ohio State is going green.

From transportation initiatives to green fuel to energy efficiency projects in buildings, the university is becoming an increasingly sustainable campus.

“President Gee wants us to be one of the greenest universities around the country, if not the world," says Aparna Dial, director of Energy Services and Sustainability.

Find out more about Ohio State's Scarlet, Gray & Green program.

Blueprint for college success

As a first-generation college student, Paul Ward worked hard to put himself through college and law school. He became a successful Columbus attorney and started a legacy: His daughter and grandson followed in his footsteps as fellow graduates of Ohio State's Moritz College of Law.

Ward stayed active in alumni affairs at Moritz, even creating the Ward/Bloomfield Scholarship for law students, shared with his daughter and son-in-law, Sally and David Bloomfield.

Find out more about Ward and his scholarship. And learn more about Ohio State initiatives that serve first-generation college students, including Blueprint: College, slated to double in size this spring.

Surgeon shortage

By 2010, a shortage of general surgeons will mean patients will wait longer for both emergency treatment and elective operations, according to an Ohio State professor's research.

"The problem is that if you're not operated on within a few hours, your disease progresses and that can create more serious problems in other areas of the body," says Thomas Williams, a surgery professor and former surgeon. "These are problems that you would not have had with prompt surgical attention."

Find out more about the shortage.

Farm aid

Family farming is a tough enterprise. Relying on the land and weather has always been uncertain, but the rise of factory farms and vacillating fuel prices have made the business even harder.

The university's Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC) in Wooster is working on ways to help farmers think creatively and sustainably--keys to future success.

"We're taking the lead from the farmers," says OARDC's Casey Hoy. "We have real innovators in the farm community that are figuring out what they need to do. What we do at the university is support them."

Read the full story from the Ohio State Alumni Magazine.

Harassment on the job

Women who work in male-dominated fields are less likely to be sexually harassed than women who worked in equally mixed groups, according to a surprising new study.

"Some people argue that women are more likely to be harassed when there are just a few women, and other people argue that women are harassed when they are the dominant group in an occupation," says Randy Hodson, an Ohio State sociology professor. "But we found that actually was not the case. Most sexual harassment occurs in situations in equally mixed gender groups."

Find out why--and read more about Hodson's study.

Produce(d) on the cheap

Looking for ways to eat healthfully while your household budget shrinks?

Ohio State nutritionists have advice for families who want to eat well on a budget--including how to find nutritious recipes that can be prepared cheaply.

See Ohio State's recommendations.

It's Fiesta time

It's been quite a season for the Buckeyes. First, the team achieved its 800th win, ranking fifth all-time in Division I college football. Then, they beat Michigan for the fifth straight time, a first in school history.

And now, they're headed to the Fiesta Bowl, where they became national champs in early 2003.

Check out the Ohio State Alumni Bowl Headquarters for bowl package information. And see more information about the bowl game.

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