Campuswide email: Feb. 9, 2017

Dear Faculty, Staff and Students:

Ohio State continues to consider the Comprehensive Energy Management Project. We are issuing a Request for Proposals today to determine whether an energy partnership would offer all of the expected benefits. An RFP does not bind us to enter into a partnership, but it will supply the information we need to make that decision.

The qualified bidders on the project are all leading experts on energy use and sustainability who have demonstrated expertise, capabilities and quality of proposals to meet our needs. We developed materials for the Request for Proposals with extensive feedback from faculty experts to set out the university's high expectations for service, sustainability, academic collaboration and financial considerations.

We will review the responses with involvement from the advisory committees, and take our findings to the Board of Trustees for consideration. We will share any decision with the university community.

Thank you for your continued interest and feedback.

Bruce A. McPheron, PhD
Interim Executive Vice President and Provost