2020 philanthropic contributions announced

As part of its commitment to academic collaboration at The Ohio State University, Ohio State Energy Partners (OSEP) contributes $810,000 annually to the university or affiliated philanthropic causes. Read an Ohio State News story about the contributions.

These are the philanthropic contributions for 2020:


Center for Applied Plant Sciences

$6,400  — WestFest 2020 


College of Arts and Sciences       

$60,000 — Middle East Studies

$20,900 — 1619 and Beyond: Explorations in Atlantic Slavery and its American Legacies (Department of History)

$12,884 — Dance in Conversation with Global Issues


College of Engineering   

$48,350 — STEAM Interdisciplinary Outreach and Research Program in Sustainable Urban $47,831 — Building Energy Living Lab Digital Twin Pilot Systems

$42,000 — Olentangy River as Campus Laboratory (ORACL)

$35,000 — NRT program coordinator

$25,000 — Fuel cell test station refurbishment


College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences             

$26,690 — Environmental and Social Sustainability Lab: Campus Sustainability Survey

$14,000 — Zero-waste initiative at the Parker Food Science and Technology Dairy Store Café


College of Medicine        

$50,000 — Office of Research for COVID-19 Projects


College of Public Health

$75,000 — Community and Partner Response/Recovery


Fisher College of Business            

$30,000 — Distinguished Staff and Faculty Recognition Awards

$30,000 — Distinguished Teaching Fellows


Industry Liaison Office           

$30,000 — UDIP Conference Support


Office of Diversity and Inclusion

$50,000 — ODI Education Abroad Access and Affordability Initiative

$20,000 — Hale Ambassadors Leadership Development Program

$12,500 — A Symposium on Leadership for Women of Color in Higher Education


Office of Student Life     

$6,000 — Creating a Culture of Care: a collaboration between Ohio State Harding Hospital and Office of Student Life

$100,000 — Student Advocacy Center (Student Emergency Fund)


The 52 Million Project

$25,000 — The 52 Million Project


Wexner Center for the Arts         

$25,000 — Wexner Center for the Arts