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Thanks, Archie!

July 06, 2015

As Archie Griffin steps down as CEO of The Ohio State University Alumni Association and prepares for a new advisory role at Ohio State, Buckeyes are taking the time to thank him and ask the questions they have always wanted to pose.

Archie Griffin From left: Archie during the 1976 Rose Bowl, graduating a quarter early in 1976 with degree in industrial relations and speaking at spring commencement in 2015.

In a conversation with Archie Griffin, you're likely to hear him sprinkle in phrases that he picked up from coaches who made a great impact on him as a football player. He talks about "paying forward" and his 30-plus-year career at Ohio State as his "life's work."

But Griffin's own values, leadership style and steadfast Buckeye Pride have left their mark on Ohio State as well - as seen by the countless messages of thanks Buckeyes are posting on social media and the exchange they had in a live chat with Griffin last week.

Messages of thanks

Alumni, students and fans share their messages of gratitude for Archie on social media using #thanksArchie.

Archie answers your questions

What is it like to play in Ohio Stadium? What is Archie's favorite spot on campus? Archie held a live chat on his Facebook page, answering alumni, student and fan questions.

I’m looking forward to chatting with you today! Ask your questions below.

Posted by Archie Griffin on Monday, June 29, 2015

Q: What was it like to play in the Shoe?
— Michael Chalmers

A: Fabulous! When you can go into a stadium of that size (when I played we had 86,000, which was pretty doggone big). But to see that Scarlet and go on the field, it is an unbelievable feeling. You got extra confidence because you knew all those people were there with you. You were in the midst of such great support, so it really picks you up!


Q: What is the most important skill a good leader needs to be effective and inspire others to do good work?
— Suzanne Hoholik

A: Caring. Letting your folks know you care. That really sets the base for everything.


Q: Congrats on the retirement. The OSU will miss you around the halls and campus.
— Paul Malanga

A: The stadium is obviously very special. But the Oval. When you are there you know, THIS is Ohio State.


Q: What is your favorite memory with Coach Hayes?
— Doug Harvey

A: My favorite memory is the recruiting process. Ohio State recruited me late, it was after football, during wrestling. Woody took me to dinner at the Jai Alai restaurant and I was excited. I had a good dinner with him but he never mentioned football. He just talked about education, so I thought he didn’t want me to play football for him. I was a little discouraged. When my father asked me about the meal, I said I was disappointed because he didn’t talk about football with me so I didn’t think he wanted me to play. My dad said, “what, don’t you think he cares about you as a person?” And he was right. Woody just cared about education before football.


Q: What do you think it is about Ohio State that inspires such passion for the university?
— Lauren Boyd

A: The passion and the people. It’s unlike any other place. I can’t see any other place that have it like we do. It’s kind of different here. It’s almost contagious. Earlier we had a question about a young person who wants to play football at the school up north. As I said then, just get him here on campus. That carries a lot.

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In their own words

Archie Griffin reflects on his time at Ohio State – from being born on campus to wearing No. 45 to leading one of the largest alumni associations in the world – in the latest issue of Ohio State Alumni and an interactive feature in its digital magazine.

Also, hear what President Michael V. Drake, Coach Urban Meyer and others have to say about the Griffin legacy.

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