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More than just a tablet

August 17, 2018

Ohio State students aren't just getting technology kits, they're also getting improved ways to learn

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Ohio State students receive iPads

This fall, Ohio State students are getting a technology-based boost to their learning ability.

Incoming freshmen are all receiving a technology kit that includes an iPad Pro, Smart Keyboard and an Apple Pencil. The technology kit is designed to support student success and prepare them for a modern, mobile workforce.

“I’m excited because I was like, do I have to buy a computer or MacBook? And they gave us this iPad and it has everything on it,” says first-year student Malaysia Bell. “I don’t have to get anything else except a set of books.”

The kits are being distributed as a part of Ohio State’s Digital Flagship initiative, which is designed to help students prepare for a changing world.

Digital Flagship will also bring an iOS design laboratory to support the development of new apps, and coding curriculum to help students learn the Swift coding language. Students will have access to coding resources, business partnerships and professional development opportunities through the design lab.