July 2017

Brett Bejcek

All about the analytics

Through Ohio State's new data analytics major, recent graduates are bringing a whole new expertise into their fields. Knowing the numbers proves very beneficial, and young alumni are proving to be pivotal new hires.


Pedaling for a purpose

Khara and Carmen Walker

After cancer took her mother, Khara Walker, an exercise science major at Ohio State, is taking on cancer — both on a bike seat for Pelotonia and in the research lab.


Flexing mental muscles

Crossword puzzle

We all know that diet and exercise are important, but research has shown that we can't forget to make time for mental workouts.


Education's evolving landscape

Ohio State Marion

Because of Ohio State's framework vision, regional campuses across Ohio are morphing, changing and growing to better support learning and collaboration.


Buckeyes through your eyes: #MyOhioState

Campus photo

Jared Zac Graham, senior at Fisher College of Business, specializing in economics.

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