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From Devin Smith�s one-handed catch against Miami to the thrilling overtime win against Purdue, the 2012 football season was already shaping up to be a memorable one. But when the Buckeyes clinched a tense yet joyous defeat over Michigan, the first year of the Urban Era ended 12-0, sealing the team�s place in history.

�Winning one game isn�t easy. Winning 12 in a row is just about unheard of,� says former Buckeye football star and Alumni Association president Archie Griffin. �This team was inspirational to our alumni and fans around the world.�

Read about the Buckeyes� undefeated season. View photos from the Celebration of Perfection held in their honor. Learn about the team�s visit to the Ohio Statehouse. And see Lane Avenue get a new name.

A cornucopia of research


Cancer-fighting juice. Salmonella-free eggs. At Ohio State, researchers are working hard to ensure food is safe and healthful. Their findings help everyone from home cooks to Ohio�s 2,000 food-related manufacturers.

Learn about Ohio State�s food innovations, such as inventing a veggie burger and fighting E. coli in leafy greens.

Trash talk


Are you bothered by negative thoughts? In a new study, Ohio State researchers found that when people wrote down their thoughts on paper, then threw the paper away, they mentally discarded the thoughts as well.

Find out why ridding your mind of unwanted mental clutter can be as easy as taking out the trash.

Swings and things


Ohio State art professor Ann Hamilton wants you to act like a child--at least when you're at her latest installation. Called �an event of a thread,� it features oversized swings that let visitors control a massive flowing curtain.

Read more about the show and Hamilton, whom President Gee calls �an Ohio State treasure.� And see what The New York Times says about her work.

Holiday help

This time of year, it�s not unusual to feel a bit out of control when it comes to your wallet and waistline. With feasts aplenty and pressure to upstage last year�s big gifts, overeating and overspending can seem as common as twinkling lights.

Get tips from Ohio State experts on sticking to a budget and maintaining healthy eating habits this holiday season.

Share your pride

O-H-I-O: Scuba with Santa

Buckeyes in Huntington Beach, Calif., share some underwater pride.

More O-H-I-O images.

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December 2012

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