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But for Ohio State

Cures for the world's most devastating diseases. Safe and plentiful food. Sustainable energy.

Ohio State's goals are monumental. But for Ohio State--the university's $2.5 billion fundraising campaign--is the roadmap to take us from excellence to eminence.

How can you get involved? Learn more about the campaign. Explore the new campaign web site. Share your own But for Ohio State story. And watch alumni band O.A.R. and TBDBITL �Rock the Oval� to kick off the campaign.

Toward a cancer-free world


Anyone can dream about a world without cancer. At Ohio State, doctors and researchers are taking concrete steps toward that goal. The university is discovering better ways to treat cancer, alleviate patients' suffering--and, best of all, prevent the disease in the first place.

Find out more about Ohio State�s cancer-fighting efforts.

Of Leibovitz and Lear


From an Annie Leibovitz exhibition at the Wex to plans for a university arts district, Ohio State�s campus arts scene is buzzing this fall.

�The Ohio State University has a rich--if quiet--heritage of the arts,� says President Gee, who recently blogged about Ohio State�s role in fostering arts and culture.

Out with the old, in with the new


Ohio State�s web a fresh new look. The site features the same great stories users expect from, now with more emphasis on what the university is doing with web video and social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Strong breeze

Ohio State will soon be powering around 25 percent of its Columbus campus electricity load with wind energy from a northwest Ohio wind farm. It�s one of the single largest purchases of renewable energy by any U.S. university.

Learn more about the agreement, which President Gee says �underscores our long-term commitment to sustainability.�

Share your pride

O-H-I-O: Get a leg up

Some acrobatic Buckeyes share their pride in Lexington, KY.

More O-H-I-O images.

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October 2012

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