Academic collaboration proposal

ENGIE-Axium's proposal would pay Ohio State $1.165 billion, including an $1.015 billion upfront payment and a $150 million commitment to support academics in specific areas requested by students, faculty and staff during the bidding process.

The following details the $150 million academic collaboration proposal:

  • Visionary project: ENGIE-Axium would establish a $50 million Energy Advancement and Innovation Center for energy research and technology commercialization. The center would create a hub where faculty members, students, alumni, ENGIE researchers, local entrepreneurs and industry experts work together on the next generation of smart energy systems, renewable energy and green mobility solutions. (Read the detailed proposal here)
  • Student financial aid: A $25 million endowment for undergraduate, graduate and professional student financial aid that will generate at least $1 million a year in student support for at least 50 years. The total amount of student financial aid generated through the Comprehensive Energy Management Project will be multiple times larger after the university finalizes details of strategic uses of the upfront payment.
  • Internships: $5 million for at least 500 internships over the life of the agreement
  • Sustainability and staff development: $20 million in endowments, including
    • $15 million to support sustainability initiatives outside the scope of the Comprehensive Energy Management Project
    • $5 million to support the development of sustainability curriculum and related teaching and learning initiatives, and for staff development
  • Faculty positions: $9.5 million in endowment funds will support five faculty positions
  • Philanthropy: $40.5 million for university-related philanthropic organizations