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Sharing the love

February 01, 2017

Throughout the month of February, Buckeyes will show their spirit by paying forward and helping others.

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During the month of February, Ohio State students, alumni and friends get their opportunity to show the world what Buckeye Love is all about. 

The month provides ample opportunities for members of Buckeye Nation to pay forward and show their spirit of giving. Whether it is performing a random act of kindness for a stranger, or making a gift to support your passion, Buckeyes will be sharing their spirit of giving throughout February. 

How can you participate? There are a number of ways. 

Show: Pay Forward and keep the good going

Do some good while you wait. Download this sheet of cards and use it to pay forward by doing some good deeds. You can also pick up cards at the Ohio Union.

Give someone a reason to smile by buying their coffee, holding the door, carrying their groceries — anything! Then give the recipient the card to go with your act of kindness. 

Share: Share why you love Ohio State

Tell the world all about why you love Ohio State on your favorite social media outlet. Share your stories, memories and good deeds. Be sure to use the hashtag #BuckeyeLove. 

Give: Join us February 14 and 15

Save the date for our first-ever Day of Giving — an inspiring 36-hour event for alumni, students and friends to come together and support Ohio State. On Feb. 14 and 15, Buckeyes can give back and pay forward in support of their favorite cause, college or program.