The Ohio State University Alumni Association

Board of directors application process

The Board of Directors has oversight of the executive, financial and administrative affairs of the Ohio State University Alumni Association.

The Board consists of 17 directors. Three are elected each year for a five-year term, and two are university representatives appointed by the board of trustees. Additionally, the chair of the Alumni Advisory Council and the president of the Student-Alumni Council serve as ex officio members.

Board positions require a considerable time and energy commitment. Candidates are encouraged to consider personal and career priorities during the coming years in addition to their desire to contribute to the strategic goals of the association and university.

Selection process

  • Nominations and self-nominations, including supporting documents (Resume, letter of recommendation, etc.) can be submitted here between November 1 - December 15.
  • A nominating committee, appointed by the board, meets and provides recommendations of candidates to the full board.
  • The full board votes to approve three candidates during the spring board meeting.

The strongest candidates for the board are individuals who:

  • Have the desire to utilize their talents and expertise to support the association’s vision and strategic plan, and guide its evolution
  • Ideally, have volunteered with the alumni association or in an alumni capacity with The Ohio State University
  • Have demonstrated leadership ability and/or a professional background and achievements that add value to the board
  • Offer a diverse perspective or experience
  • Are active members of the alumni association

Outside of the two directors nominated by the university president, board members may not be current employees of The Ohio State University.


If you would like to nominate an individual for board service, please complete this nomination form.

Term of office

Elected directors serve one, five-year, non-renewable term. Terms begin at the conclusion of the fall board meeting. Three directors are elected each year.

Board meetings

The full board meets three times a year. Directors are required to attend four out of any six consecutive meetings. Board meetings typically fall in September, February and May, though this might vary slightly based on scheduling needs. Travel costs are not covered by the association.

Committee meetings

All directors serve on at least one committee. Many committees meet during the on-campus board meetings, however additional meetings via phone may be requested by the committee or board chair.

Orientation sessions

The directors-elect are invited to attend the fall board meeting prior to their official start date.

Process timeline

December 15 Nominations are due to the association.
December – March The nominating committee meets to consider candidates and make recommendations to the board of directors.
May The board of directors votes on new board members.
September New board members are invited to attend the fall board meeting and take office immediately following the close of the meeting.

Contact information

Please contact the Alumni Association with any questions:

Tricia Bradley
The Ohio State University Alumni Association
2200 Olentangy River Road
Columbus, OH 43210
614-292-5376 Office