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Tom Luten

Career Coach


Tom is an energetic, youthful, gregarious, and social conscious alumnus with a passion for providing sound graduate and professional school advising combined with career coaching.

He has more than 30 years’ experience in diversity recruitment and college relations consulting, career coaching, graduate and professional school admissions, and financial aid in higher education. He was instrumental in developing the first college Graduate and Professional School Recruitment Fair. In 2000, he developed his own college relations and recruitment consulting firm, “Make A Transition,” providing college relations and recruiting services for numerous healthcare and bio-pharmaceutical companies.

Tom has devoted his career providing accurate academic advising, graduate/professional school advising, and career coaching for college students and recent college grads, particularly from disadvantaged and diverse communities. With his keen insights and his strategic and systematic approach to the admissions process, he has successfully coached hundreds of young adults, empowering them to chart their career paths and matriculate to law school, medical school, dental school, and MBA school. For more than 12 years, Tom served as the southeast Kaplan Admissions Consultant for law, medical dental, and MBA school, maintaining a 99% admissions success rate.

Tom welcomes the opportunity to provide individualized graduate and professional school admissions counseling and career coaching for all Ohio State alumni.

Career Coaching

Coaching method: In person (local-North Carolina) and virtual (phone and online)
Areas of expertise: Early career, recent graduates, mid-career and career changers

Alumni and children of alumni can receive a free 30-minute introductory session.