Where optimism thrives and the question “what if” abounds


Rendering of Carmenton at dusk with a crowd of people far down below on the sidewalk

Carmenton district is a bold new vision for building connections and community.

A community that thrives on the question “what if?” Where people come together to discover, learn and build. A place where we create the world we want to see and live in — together.

Carmenton is where talent and ambition merge. Where imagination and ideas take shape and grow into tangible realities and solutions. Where opportunities to socialize and relax are just steps away.

Rendering of Carmenton Plaza with cars and pedestrians
Rendering of Carmenton Main Street with cars and pedestrians
Rendering of Carmenton greenway with bikers and runners near a pond

Powered by a shared vision

Carmenton began as a vision shared between The Ohio State University, the City of Columbus and JobsOhio. The groups came together to accelerate collaboration between the public, private and academic sectors — collaboration with the power to nurture our region, from economic success to health to social and cultural vibrance.

million of public and private investment in Carmenton to date
acres of land reimagined for development

Fueling our region’s growth

Carmenton will nurture our region’s economic success, health, and social and cultural vibrance. It’s where community and connections fuel growth in central Ohio, one of the nation’s fastest-growing regions. This new approach is attracting businesses, industry and talent at a pace that demands continued growth.

An expanding dynamic community

Carmenton is at the corner of Kenny Rd. and Lane Ave. and will expand towards Kinnear Rd. and North Star Rd.

From successful Fortune 500s to growing startups, Carmenton is now home to new collaborations between public, private and non-profits. Some examples include:

  • Pelotonia Research Center—a state-of-the-art laboratory building named in recognition of Pelotonia’s collaboration with Ohio State, is where researchers will collaborate across disciplines and accelerate new discoveries in the health sciences. (Pelotonia, Ohio State)
  • Central Ohio’s first proton therapy treatment, housed in an advanced outpatient cancer center (Ohio State, Nationwide Children’s Hospital)
  • A research lab that will accelerate development of new battery cell materials (Honda, Schaeffler Americas, Ohio State)
  • Energy Advancement and Innovation Center, dedicated to bringing smart and sustainable energy systems research and other innovations to market (ENGIE, Ohio State)
  • Andelyn Biosciences, a developer and manufacturer of gene therapies, that began as a Nationwide Children’s Hospital startup

Carmenton district will expand to also include residential areas, green spaces, connector trails, restaurants and entertainment venues. It’s a walkable, bikeable space where you’ll feel like home — whether you work here, live here or simply enjoy visiting.

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