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Ohio State app

Ohio State app available on iOS and Android Put campus in your pocket with the Ohio State app. Easy access to everything Ohio State offers, from viewing grades and class schedules, to real-time bus locations. Features include:

  • View grades and classes and athletic schedules
  • Discover nearby shops, restaurants, and buildings
  • Find people, news, events, and libraries
  • Campus map and real-time bus locator
  • Buckeye Stroll
  • O-H-I-O photos

Download now for iOS and Android. It’s free!

Important Dates

  • Friday, September 4
    Deadline for registering for pass/non-pass and audit options for Autumn Session 1 (for undergraduates only).
  • Friday, September 4
    Last day for students to drop via Web for Autumn Session 1.
  • Friday, September 4
    Last day of 50% refund period for Autumn Session 1 courses.

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Day One: I'm gonna like this place. A lot.

Day One: I'm gonna like this place. A lot.
Aaron Tomich, atomium78


Hangzhou, China O H I O Nicole Philip , BS Marketing and PR - FAN!!!