Revolutionizing Drone Technology

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Episode 14 23-minute listen

Revolutionizing Drone Technology

From public parks to sports stadiums and even battlefields, drones are becoming more and more popular. And while there are rules for when and where they can be used, many people are unaware of the laws governing their use. In this episode, we talk with three experts about the intrigue of drone technology — where it’s been, where it’s going and what sorts of problems drones can solve.
Headshot of Matt McCrink
College of Engineering
Matt McCrink '15 PhD
McCrink is an assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at Ohio State. Much like how his students create drones from scratch, he built Ohio State’s own drone laboratory, and it has become a hub for a variety of projects that take him and his students to collaborations near and far, researching how to perfect drone technology while creating the national regulations that will keep our airspaces safe.
Group shot of ParaWave, Adithya Ramaswami and Jack Murray on the right
Adithya Ramaswami '23 and Jack Murray '23
Ramaswami and Murray – aerospace engineering graduates – are developing drones that will help first responders quickly and thoroughly assess emergency situations to more efficiently save lives. Through working directly with central Ohio’s professionals, they’re creating drone technology specifically crafted for the needs of firefighters, emergency medical personnel, even homeland security and FBI operatives. Their student startup, ParaWave, was developed through Ohio State’s first cohort of the President’s Buckeye Accelerator.

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