The Secret World of Supply Chains

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Episode 12 24-minute listen

The Secret World of Supply Chains

Supply chains. While you may not think about them all that much, they’re the backbone to our modern society. That means when something goes wrong, there’s an enormous ripple effect. In this episode, we talk with two experts about the importance of supply chains, how COVID has changed things and what we can do to make sure things keep running smoothly.
Headshot of Dr. Terry Esper
Fisher College of Business
Terry Esper PhD
Esper is a professor of logistics in the Fisher College of Business. As a researcher and educator, he examines how companies rely on supply chain and logistics operations. He investigates everything from getting products to market to better online shopping experiences for businesses, customers and delivery workers.
Headshot of Dr. Katrina Cornish
College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences
Katrina Cornish PhD
Cornish is an internationally recognized expert on alternative natural rubber production. With a joint appointment at Ohio State in the Department of Horticulture and Crop Science and the Department of Food, Agriculture and Biological Engineering, Cornish has created multiple ways of growing latex-producing crops, extracting the latex and even producing rubber and products.

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