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"12 and OH!"

by Corey M. Roblee - Political Science, 2001

Father and son graduates of The Ohio State University, Phil Roblee (left) and Corey M. Roblee (right) celebrate an undefeated season with Columbus' finest following the victory over that team from up north!

Alumni, Game day

"First Buckeye Football Game!"

by Jennifer Ludwig - Fan, Daughter of Alumni

OSU Alumni came home from California to take son and nephew to their first Buckeye game with his brother! What a great day!!

Game day


by Debbie Moebius - 1992 College of Pharmacy


Alumni, Game day

"Go Bucks, Beat Blue!"

by Robert Speigle

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Game day

"O-H-I-O baby makes first O"

by Brittany Porteus - Bachelors degree, class of 2005

This was my last tailgate before my baby was born, my pregnant self makes the first O. My son was born Wednesday before Thanksgiving and we left the hospital on the day of the OSU vs. Michigan game. He wore a onsies that said "oops, I did a Michigan in my pants!" Born a buckeye!

Alumni, Game day

"The Game"

by Ben - The Pets of Two Fans

On the morning of The Game we needed two more to take a picture to send to the rest of our family watching the game in another state. The dogs were willing to help.

Game day

"OSU vs Michigan 2012"

by Chelsea Torres - Biomedical Science, Third Year

Getting ready to watch the Buckeyes beat Michigan at Ohio Stadium. (OSU Students: Michael Lause, Mark Rudolph, Chris Reyes, Chelsea Torres and Jimmy Zimmerman)

Current students, Game day


by National championship

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Game day

"Tailgating with Bucky"

by David Felder - 1996 Fisher MBA

Tailgating with Bucky at the OSU/UW game November 17, 2012. Go Bucks!

Alumni, Game day

"Boy Scouts with Big Nut"

by Mike Munsch - BA MA MBA and Life member.

Three Boy Scouts ushers with Jon "Big Nut" Peters. The three ushers are Travis Gulling, Nick Linkenhoker, and Mike Munsch. Both Nick and Mike are OSU grads.

Alumni, Game day

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