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"O-H-I-O with Chairman Mao!"

by Andrea Orman - I am a third year International Studies major with Political Science and Globalization Studies minors

Ohio State students Casey Leech, Andrea Orman and Molly Morse in Tianfu Square with Chairman Mao Zedong studying abroad in Chengdu, China.

Asia, Current students, Study abroad

"Buckeye Fans in Lecce, Italy"

by Olivia Anastasi - Communications major

2012 Study Abroad Buckeye fans Tessa Nesta, Olivia Anastasi, Ana McDonough, and Anne Umpleby enjoying beautiful Lecce Italy

Current students, Europe, Study abroad

"Winter 2012 Brazil Study Abroad"

by Tommy Haufe - Juinior Food Science Major

Four Students from the College of Agriculture Brazil study abroad program this winter in Ilheus, Bahia, Brazil

Current students, Latin America/Caribbean, Study abroad

"Matera, Italy"

by Elise Bluell - 3rd Year Architecture

We visited the city of Matera as a part of our architecture study abroad trip to Italy, and decided to climb the mountain adjacent to the city walls. The view of the city and surrounding landscape was amazing!!

Current students, Europe, Study abroad

"O-H-I-O at the Colosseum"

by Andrea Dollenmeyer - Classics major, Senior

Experiencing Rome Study Abroad 2012 visit to the Colosseum

Current students, Europe, Study abroad

"O-H-I-O in Monachil, Granada"

by Kyle Swartz - Biology Major, 4th year, currently studying abroad in Granada, Spain.

O-H-I-O in the Los Cahorros mountains near the pueblo Monachil in the provincia de Granda.

Current students, Europe, Study abroad

"Studying abroad in Toledo, Spain"

by Danielle Newell - Spanish & Portuguese graduate '11

2 summer's ago I traveled to Toledo, Spain and spent 6 weeks studying the Spanish culture and language. We are at the look out point for the city, where you can see all of the historic part of Toledo and the "murallas" (walls) which enclose the city.

Alumni, Europe, Study abroad

"Australia Study Abroad"

by Danielle Jensen - I'm a 5th year Chemical Engineering Student

Derek, Brittany, Andrea, and I on the Coast near Melbourne. We are all studying abroad through Ohio State's Animal Sciences Department and University of Melbourne studying animal welfare.

Australia, Current students, Study abroad

"Cataratas del Iguazu, Argentina"

by Sarah - Majoring in City and Regional Planning

I was on a study abroad in Argentina and went up to the Iguazu Falls bordering Brazil and Argentina (and slightly Paraguay) and convinced a family from Oregon to to help me out and take a picture in tribute of OSU.

Current students, Latin America/Caribbean, Study abroad

"CFAES Chile Study Abroad"


Climbing Volcano Villarica... an active volcano in Chile

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