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"O-H-I-O by the Mediterranean Sea in Rome!"

by Kaitlyn Hindes - Fan

O-H-I-O by the Mediterranean Sea in Rome!

Beach, Europe

"Buckeyes storming the castle"

by Perry Straughter

The Castillo de Los Templarios, in Ponferrada, Leon, Spain, was no match for these Buckeyes. The 'H' is Beatriz Diez (B.A. '04) and the 'I' is current OSU Wexner Medical Center employee Perry Straughter.

Alumni, Europe, Faculty/Staff

"Ohio State Excavations at Isthmia (at the Roman Bath)"

by Susannah Van Horn - Art Education

Dr. Susannah Van Horn (B.A.E. '94; M.A. '97; Ph.D. 2012) and Dr. Jon Michael Frey (B.S. '96) with their twin sons, Timothy and Theodore at the Isthmia Roman Bath in Greece. Jon and Susannah met through the OSU study abroad program at Isthmia, led by Dr. Timothy Gregory in 1995.

Alumni, Europe, Families


by Kaylee Russell - Senior English major

Currently studying abroad in London

Current students, Europe, Study abroad

"one of the Skulpturen in Sankt Wendel, Germany"

by Martha Hufford - parent and spouse of Buckeyes

This sculpture is part of the "Road of Peace" that stretches from Sankt Wendel, Saarland, Germany to the Bostalsee. When we saw it we knew immediately it was missing something.


"Study abroad 2015"

by Kaylee - English Major, senior

Anne Hathaway's cottage, England

Current students, Europe

"O-H-I-O in Brussels, Belgium World Fair Site"

by Dennis A Glazer, MD - Graduate BA,"64, MD '67 (LM)

This is the structure left at the site of the 1958 World's Fair. We were there with a tour group including a Clemson grad who reluctantly helped us out.

Alumni, Europe

"Cliffs of Moher Buckeyes"

by Christina Saull - BA Political Science '04

While exploring the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, OSU graduates Christina Saull ('04) & Bradley Saull ('04) ran into two fellow buckeyes and decided to do an impromptu O-H-I-O.

Alumni, Europe

"On top of Croagh Patrick"

by Korrin Vanderhoof - Staff, State OSU Extension

While touring Ireland with a local Ohio rugby team we decided to take the "holy pilgrimage" to the top of the "Reek," Croagh Patrick (St. Patrick's Stack). Climbing the 2,507 foot mountain was a challenge but the view from the top over County Mayo was well worth it! Proud of our O-H-I-O!

Europe, Faculty/Staff

"Buckeye Birthday in Barcelona! "

by Darshan Patel - Classes of 2009 and 2011

Just some tourists wreaking havoc on the streets of Barça on electric scooters. We had just left Camp Nou when the sun was setting on another perfect day in España. While we are merely shadows in the image, make no mistake, the vibrant city definitely felt our presence. Happy 28th Sagar! Go Bucks!

Alumni, Europe, Shadows

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