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"Berlin wall OH"

by Nick Weininger


"Shadows in Ostia, Rome"

by Sarah Ries - Political Science, Class of 2014

These four students were on a Study Abroad trip in Rome, Italy and stopped to take this picture on the steps of the Ostia Antica theater

Current students, Europe, Shadows , Study abroad

"Buckeyes in Paris"

by Terri Vance - fanatic fan

Rachel Farrow (left O) from Westerville South, is completing her senior year of high school in France. Cousin Katie Vance (the H) and her aunt, Terri Vance from Pataskala (right O) came to visit her over the Chirstmas holidays. The O-H-I-O was a "must do" on our itinerary!! GO BUCKS!!!!


"The Louvre Museum, Paris France"

by Christopher Logsdon - 1982 Alumni

Two 1982 alumni of the OSU Respiratory Care program, visiting Paris, France with their two kids and two wonderful friends (behind the camera): from Germany and from Norway.

Alumni, Europe, Families

"Stonehenge, UK"

by Bryan Bungo - Freshman, Honors Student, Finance and Accounting Major, Born and Raised a Buckeye

On an OSU Honors study abroad trip to London we got to not only only see Stonehenge, but touch and climb it. This is only permitted on two days out of the entire year (the solstices). We were there on Dec. 21, 2012, just hours before the world was supposed to end, but that didn't vanquish our spirit!

Current students, Europe

"O-H-I-O in Aachen, Germany"

by Eugen D. - Exchange year in Ohio, 2010/2011

Aachen is a town with around 260.000 residents in the very west of Northrine-Westphalia in the west of Germany. It was one of Charlemagnes favorite places to stay became the center of his power. In the background is the city hall, which was built in the 14th century.


"Cliffs of Moher (Ireland)"

by Emma Johnson - Health Promotion, Nutrition, and Exercise Science


"An alumna celebrates 40 years of teaching"

by Colleen Maleski - Strategic Communications, 2010

Cindy Maleski (1972) and her two daughters, Colleen Maleski (2010) and Joyce Maleski (2005), visited seven European countries (and their Christmas markets) in December 2012 to celebrate Cindy's retirement from 40 years of teaching. First stop, Paris!

Alumni, Europe

"Brandenburg Gate,Berlin"

by Eugen Danilow - Exchange Year in Ohio. 2010/2011

Some O-H-I-O Spirit in Berlin. The Capital of Germany. The Brandenburg Gate is One of the most popular tourist attractions in Berlin.


"O-H-I-O in Red Square in front of the Kremlin"

by Bob - Fan

We had a Michigan fan take the picture, it was priceless !


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