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by Maria - Finance Major, Cincinnati, Class of 2014

O-H-I-O in front of I AMsterdam! Eurotripping with Fisher 2014 graduates and soon to be graduates!

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"Buckeyes in Paris "

by Allison Jordan

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"O-H-I-O Paris"

by Jennifer Brown - Fan from Westerville

A little help from the Eiffel Tower. June 2014


"OSU Takes The Alps"

by Michael - Architecture, Class of 2014

OSU seniors Tyler Brozovich, Michael Zumpano, Levi Bedall, and Nick Castillo take their last O-H-I-O photo as undergrads at Oeschinen Lake, Switzerland. The group of architecture students recently completed a maymester study abroad in Venice.

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"Over the Elbe with some Aussie "

by Hannah Shank

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"New Grad finds Alumni in Istanbul"

by Marygrace Ashdown - Business- Marketing and Entrepreneurship, May 2014

Marygrace Ashdown ('14, Business) traveled to Turkey with Philomena Ashdown after graduating from tOSU 3 days earlier. Wearing an OSU jacket at dinner in Istanbul, we met two other Buckeyes - Richard ('81, TBDBITL) and Michelle Nelson ('82,Nursing) and just had to take an O-H-I-O picture!

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"Dovre, Norway"

by Greg Godic - Finance, 2008, MBA 2013

Erin Shropshire (2010), Kara Shropshire (2012), Ingrid Aasaaren (2011) and Greg Godic (2008) representing tOSU in Norway

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"ohio with eiffel"

by Chih Hsuan Su - Accounting, Senior

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"Temple of Aphaia on Aegina, Greece"

by Dr. Susannah Van. Horn - Alumni (B.A.E. '94; M.A. '97; Ph.D. 2012)

Dr. Susannah Van Horn (B.A.E. '94; M.A. '97; Ph.D. 2012) and Dr. Jon Michael Frey (B.S. '96) with their twin sons, Timothy and Theodore at the Temple of Aphaia on Aegina, Greece. Jon and Susannah met through an OSU study abroad program at Isthmia, Greece in 1995.

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"Buckeyes in the Swiss Alps"

by Barb Conn - OSU GO BUCKS 24/7 FAN

Sandy and Don Goodson with daughters Teresa Cox and Barb Conn at the top of the Swiss Alps, Lucerne, Switzerland. May 21, 2014.

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