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"O-H-I-O in Ukraine"

by Elaine Mikesell - See above

This photo was taken on a mission trip to Transcarpathia. O = Elaine Mikesell (wife of other O) H = Kala Warner, prospective OSU dental student I = Olivia Nelson, current OSU undergrad O = Alan Mikesell, Dent '66, Endo '66

Europe, Travel/Vacation

"In Rome October 2012"

by Steven Hren - Fan

Did a European Tour in October 2012 with my brother, my cousin, my brothers roommate and his friend. Went to Amsterdam, Prague, Rome and Slovenia. Decided did take this picture in front of the Colosseum in Rome


"Turkish Baths O-H-I-O"

by Mike DeFelice - Mechanical Engineering (Class of 2012)

Four Ohio natives (3 OSU alumni) send greetings from the naturally heated Turkish baths in Budapest, Hungary. All four work for Cru in Europe

Alumni, Europe

"OH-IO Budapest, Hungary"

by Mike DeFelice - Mechanical Engineering (Class of 2012)

Four Ohio natives (3 OSU alumni) send greetings during a Cru conference in Budapest, Hungary. The picture was taken underwater in the naturally heated Turkish baths in Budapest.

Alumni, Europe

"At the train station in Utrecht, Netherlands"

by Richard

The slide allows staid Dutch businesspeople a personal moment on the daily commute. On the slide is Katie Gregg (2014)


"Ohio State represents in Assisi, Italy"

by Christine Crews - Italian Studies, 2013

Ohio State students in Assisi Italy!

Current students, Europe

"Buckeye Pride in Rome"

by Lisa Davis - 1991 graduate of The School of Journalism

Picture taken the day after OSU vs Michigan game in front of the Roman Coliseum.

Alumni, Europe


by Julie Hallan - Russian, 2012

Buckeyes in Munich, Germany October 2012

Alumni, Europe

"Cliffs of Moher, Ireland"

by Stephanie Jepson - Graduated from OSU in March of 2002. Go Bucks!

While on vacation with friends in Ireland we stopped at the Cliffs of Moher to take some pictures and do O-H-I-O.

Alumni, Europe, Shadows


by Allison Steers

This picture was taken on top of the Penon in Calpe, Spain. It is about a 3 hour hike to the top and the most spectacular view. The person taking the picture is a Badger fan. Go Buckeyes!!!!


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