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"O-H-I-O From Thailand!"

by Rosie Zimmer - 4th year

Hospitality and Retail Industries: Inspiration from Thailand Study Abroad Program. A temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand!!

Asia, Current students, Study abroad

"O-H-I-O at a Temple in Thailand "

by Nicole Overstreet - Hospitality Mgt. c/o W 2013

Our study abroad in Thailand included visits to local temples. We wanted to share our love of OSU/O-H-I-O with Thailand.

Asia, Current students, Study abroad

"Buckeye Pride from Thailand! "

by Jana Douglass - Hospitality Major

Hospitality and Retail Industries: Inspiration from Thailand Study Abroad Program. Morning visit to the lotus farm!

Asia, Current students, Study abroad

"O-H-I-O at Tiger Kingdom in Chiang-Mai, Thailand!"

by Katy Gamertsfelder

Asia, Current students

"O-H-I-O in Thailand!"

by Katy Gamertsfelder - 4th year

After a steep climb up a flight of 300+ stairs we reached the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep; a sacred temple on top of the "Doi Suthep" mountain in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Asia, Current students

"O-H-I-O in Thailand"

by Lauren Caldwell - I am a senior at OSU and this picture was taken on my study abroad trip to Thailand

This picture was taken outside of a temple in Thailand. The dragon statues make the O's.

Asia, Current students, Study abroad

"O-H-I-O Jiuzhaigou"

by Harvey Miller - OSU faculty (as of August 2013)

Two OSU students and two faculty show Ohio pride in Jiuzhaigou National Park, Sichuan, China

Asia, Faculty/Staff

"O-H-I-O fans from India"

by Jessica Norton - 2013 Alumni

Even the locals wanted to join in on the fun of doing an O-H-I-O in front of The Gateway of India!

Alumni, Asia

"Bangkok, Thailand"

by Cody Derby - Thailand Study Abroad

Asia, Current students, Study abroad

"Buckeyes going royal at the lighting of the Palace"

by Mushtaq Dualeh - Public Health, 3rd year

O-H-I-O at the Mysore Palace, Mysore, Karnataka, India.

Asia, Current students, Silhouettes

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