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"Maasai Tribe from Kenya"

by Sam and Nancy Smith - Long time fans!

We recently did a mission trip to Kenya and visited the Maasai Village. We decided to see if they would play along and some of the young ones were glad to assist us. We hope you all enjoy! : )


"A Buckeye & New Friends in South Africa"

by Jim Reymann - A proud son of Ohio

Even in the far reaches of the South African bush, Buckeye fans unite in an enthusiastic O-H-I-O...Jim Reymann, Pieta, Anton & Dawid all say “Go Bucks!”


"O-H-I-O (Kenya Edition)"

by Josh Richard - Fan

Went to Kenya on a missions trip and hung out with some kids in the slums. They asked what my favorite team was and told them about Ohio State, they loved and wanted to become fans too. Here I am with a few of them at their "initiation."


"O-H-I-O in Gulu, Uganda"

by Sally Evans - Fan of OSU!

The students at UNIFAT Primary School in Gulu, Uganda joined me, Sally Evans, in representing The Ohio State University.


"O-H-I-O in Western Kenya"

by Melissa Herman - Soil Science, OSU graduate 2009 and 2011

I was planting eucalyptus trees with a group of orphan children in Western Kenya. When grown, the harvested trees will pay for the kids' schooling. Perfect opportunity to spread a little Buckeye spirit!

Africa, Alumni, Service

"Buckeyes in Kenya"

by Aaron Rose - Son of graduates

Buckeyes in the Masai Mara

Africa, Travel/Vacation

"OHIO Cape of Good Hope"

by Bonney Walther - fan- proud parent of two OSU graduates (engineering and medical)

This photo was taken in February of 2012 at the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. Living in Dayton, Ohio and boasting many OSU graduates the Walther family are proud OSU super fans. The Cape of Good Hope is the southern most point of the continent of Africa. It is reknown for its stormy weather and treacherous sea faring. Countless ship wretches have occurred at this point. Cape Point was at one time considered the most dangerous passing route for the East India trading company.


"Accra, Ghana"

by Scott Saunier - 2002 Grad, Major in Aviation Mngt, minor in criminology

Scott Saunier (Far left) goes to Africa with his friend Jack Addy (Far Right) to learn more about the culture in Ghana, Africa. I currently work with Jack at United airlines, and enjoy travelng to new places often.

Africa, Alumni

"O-H-I-O at a game preserve in Kenya"

by Chuck Bland - Business/1979

My wife, son and I are all OSU grads. My daughter went to Johns Hopkins, but she is probably the most avid Buckeye in the group!

Africa, Alumni

"Cape Point OHIO"

by Jessica Hanzlik; Frederick Kuehn - Physics, French B.Sc, Physics PhD

Showing Buckeye pride at the southeastern tip of Africa!

Africa, Alumni

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