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"O-H-I-O in Tulum, Mexico"

by Jennifer McCann - MLHR, 2011

Couldn't miss the chance to give a Buckeye shout- out when visiting the ancient Mayan ruins in Tulum.

Alumni, Latin America/Caribbean

"Baja California, Mexico"

by Rachel Joy Baransi - Majoring in Folklore minoring in Entrepreneurship, Senior

I visited a friend who lives at an orphanage in Mexico & one night we took a bunch of girls to a restaurant (La Fonda) and afterwards there was a beautiful sky & we took some photos! One of them was O-H-I-O!

Current students, Latin America/Caribbean, Silhouettes

"Turks and Caicos Islands"

by Larry Osborn - Bus Adm, Class of '59

Taken by Larry Osborn (Class of '59) of grand kids in Turks and Cacos Islands...June 2012

Alumni, Families, Latin America/Caribbean

"O-H-I-O atop Mount Casupo"

by Kelly Pyrak - Spanish and International Studies, 2nd year

Taken in the Summer of 2012 in Valencia, Venezuela. Four OSU students on a summer missions trip with Reallife OSU.

Current students, Latin America/Caribbean, Service

"Buckeyes in Mexico"

by Nikki Pangilinan - Class of 2015

Class of 2015 Nikki Pangilinan poses with OSU alumni parents and brother in Cozumel, Mexico.

Alumni, Beach, Current students, Latin America/Caribbean

"OHIO on the Death Road"

by Justin Manning - OSU Optometry Student Class of 2013

Masoud Nafey, Justin Manning and Brian Wolanin, Ohio State College of Optometry students c/o 2013, take a break to snap this O-H-I-O picture on El Camino de la Muerte (The Death Road) in Bolivia, the most dangerous road in the world, following giving free eye exams in the towns of Llica and Uyuni.

Current students, Latin America/Caribbean

"buckeye love in Nicaragua:)"

by Mel

Uploaded via iPhone Application.

Latin America/Caribbean

"O-H-I-O in Haiti"

by Briana Oltmann - BSBA Finance, 2007

Ohio State alumni and students in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Haiti during a mission trip with Lifeline Christian Mission

Alumni, Latin America/Caribbean, Service

"O-H-I-O in Peru"

by Paola E. - Environmental Engineering

At the summit of Huayna Picchu, the mountain right behing Machu Picchu. Picture taken by a Buckeye mom we found during the climb. Cuzco, Peru

Current students, Latin America/Caribbean

"O-H-I-O in Peru"

by Paola E. - Environmental Engineering

Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Peru

Current students, Latin America/Caribbean

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