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"Dominican O-H-I-O"

by Anthony - Fan

An O-H-I-O from our mission trip to the Dominican Republic this week.

Latin America/Caribbean

"Jamaican O-H-I-O "

by Angela DeWine

We were married last October during the Ohio State vs. Nebraska game and had to throw up our love for our Bucks right after the ceremony. :)

Beach, Latin America/Caribbean, Weddings

"O-H-I-O "Cruisin in the Caribbean""

by Jim Connor - Best Damn Fan in the Land. Been to most all of their Bowl Games... GO BUCKS!!!

O-H-I-O "Cruisin in the Caribbean"

Latin America/Caribbean

"O-H-I-O at Nassau marina"

by melinda ferrell - BS in Physical Therapy, 1979

O-H-I-O after a cruise at Nassau in the Bahama at the marine dock

Alumni, Latin America/Caribbean

"Paradise Island"

by Hadassah Loretz - Pharmacy Student

Port stop on a Bahama cruise with some alumnae.

Current students, Latin America/Caribbean

"Ohio in Jamaica"

by Erin

Representing Ohio in Jamaica. We even had help from the people who live there!

Latin America/Caribbean

"Ohio State in La Paz, Bolivia"

by Diego - OSU - Class of 1985

Presentations given at the Catholic University in La Paz Bolivia by Ohio State alumni from the US Embassy in Bolivia and Emporia State University representative - OSU alumn.

Alumni, Latin America/Caribbean

"O-H-I-O from Peru!"

by Vinny Balzano - Bio major Class of 2013 Wi at The Ohio State University

I was doing assistant research in the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve in the Amazon Rainforest, and met some amazing people! I am the first O, Segundo from Peru is the H, Sam from Canada is the I, and Niall from Scotland is the last O. Such a once in a lifetime experience!

Current students, Latin America/Caribbean

"O-H-I-O Irazu Volcano"

by Mariah - 4th year Ani. Sci. major

Irazu Volcano in Costa Rica

Current students, Latin America/Caribbean

"Tulum, Riviera Maya, Mexico"

by Joe Mika - DDS, 1991

Katie Mika, junior at the main campus, used the Mayan Ruins at Tulum, Riviera Maya, Mexico as the backdrop for an impromptu "O-H-I-O". Katie formed the "H" with a little help from her brother Joey, mom Maureen, and dad Joe (1991, DDS).

Alumni, Current students, Families, Latin America/Caribbean

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