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"More Buckeye pride in WIldwood, NJ"

by Kathy - MS in Molecular Genetics 1995

When you are a family of 3 fans, sometimes you can also borrow a letter...

Beach, US

"O-H-I-O McAfee Knob, Appalachian Trail VA,"

by Jim McCleary - OSU BSCE 1973 graduate. City Engineer for the city of Stow , Ohio

OSU alumni Kaitlin McCleary BACOM 2012, Jake Schroeder BSCE OSU December 2013, Erikson McCleary Professor Military Science @ VT, OSU alumni Jim McCleary BSCE June 1973. Hiking on the Appalachian Trail rock outcropping at 4400 feet overlooking the Catawba Valley near Roanoke, VA.

Alumni, Travel/Vacation, US

"OHIO at Mount Rushmore"

by Liu Yang - entomology, 1st PhD

Current students, Travel/Vacation, US

"Random Encounters in Ketchikan Alaska "

by Cullen Jackson - 3L - Moritz College of Law

We bumped into some random OSU alums while after a fishing expedition in Ketchikan Alaska. They saw my hat and my wife's shirt and yelled OH. We figured we had to get a pic.

Current students, US

"Gorge Ride 2013 - Oregon"

by Justin

Three alumni convince a Michigander to be the fourth letter during a beautiful bike ride. From L-R: Justin Amago OSU BSID 2001, Per Slotfeldt UM 1985/1990, Stuart Greenberger OSU 1973/1978/1980, and Huglyn Balase OSU PharmD 2008.

Alumni, US

"Trinity 8th grade class trip"

by Phyllis Sullivan - class of 1987

Trinity catholic school 8th grade class trip to Washington D.C. Osu alumni's Phyllis Sullivan's daughter and friends.

Alumni, Travel/Vacation, US

"Mt. Columbia at 14,077 ft"

by Naum - Pharmaceutical Science, class of 2007

At 14,077 feet, Mount Columbia is a mountain in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness, in Chaffee County, Colorado, United States.

Alumni, Travel/Vacation, US


by Tabatha Gault

My daughters doing O-H-I-O with Mickey Mouse at Disney World this June!

Families, US

"Outer Banks"

by Justin Estill - OSU Police - Wooster Campus

All of the kids on our trip had to show some Buckeye love while hanging on 4x4 beach

Beach, Faculty/Staff, Travel/Vacation, US

"Incredible O-H-I-O"

by Karen Bailey DeMain - BS in Physical Therapy 1992, MS in Allied Health 2001

Karen Bailey DeMain and her daughter, Megan, pose at Disney's Hollywood Studios with the Incredibles characters, June 3, 2013

Alumni, US

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