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"O-H-I-O on the Andy Warhol Bridge in Pitt!"

by Cindy - Class of 2009, BSPS

OSU Alums reunite in Pittsburgh and cannot forget our Buckeye spirit! We had to do this quite quickly before incoming traffic can interfere us!

Alumni, US

"oHIO at Indiana university"

by Qlolori grubb - Fan

On a road trip and couldn't pass up the opportunity to do the OHIO at Indiana university!!!


"O-H-I-O in Georgia!!"

by Kynette Cheatham - FAN!!! ALL DAY LONG!!

My family came down from Ohio for Thanksgiving this year. We had the kids line up and display the OHIO pride. The funny part is my daughter is made to make the H...she really had to pull this hard one off as she swears to be a Georgia fan (she was born here) and is wearing her Georgia shirt! Our little O at the end is the two and a half year old son of two OSU alum!!


""The Bean" - Chicago"


My friends and I doing the "O-H-I-O" by the bean in Chicago.


"Islamorada Florida keys"

by Mike Weiden

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"Piestewa Peak - Phoenix, AZ"

by Taylor Edwards - Civil Engineering Class of 2014

O-H-I-O on top of Piestewa Peak in Phoenix, AZ!

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"Taken in St. Petersburg Florida"

by Mike and Cathy McClain - Teachers

We were down visiting friends Justin and Kristin in Florida and we had this picture taken about an hour before the start of the OSU and Michigan game.



by Jackson Hole OHIO

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"O-H-I-O in Rowan County, KY"

by Erica McGriff - First-Year, Pre-Biomedical Engineering

Buckeyes showing their pride at Lockegee Rock in Rowan County, KY. (Brady Burton and Hunter Agoo with OSU students Katie Costello and Erica McGriff)

Current students, US

"Rocky O-H-I-O"

by Rod Gasch - Laurie's husband

A statute of movie icon Rocky, outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art, assists Laurie Kirsch (Class of 1976) and her sons Noah Gasch (right) and William Gasch. Kirsch is on the faculty of the University of Pittsburgh, and lives near Evans City, Pa.

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