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"O-H-I-O in Rome"

by Kyle Stockwell - OSU class of 2011

The picture was taken at the "Victory Tunnel" (where else would it have been?) at the Coliseum in Rome.

Alumni, US

"Our first family trip to Disney"

by Patrick Licht & Family - Fans since birth

We took a trip to the Magic Kingdom in Florida last year. Had to show off a little OSU pride along the way.

Families, US

"O-H-I-O at the Angel Oak Tree"

by Felice F Knight - Ph.D. candidate, African American History

Felice Knight, her husband Robert, and relatives from South Carolina give a shout-out to OSU at the famous Angel Oak Tree on Johns Island near Charleston, South Carolina.

Current students, US

"Buckeyes in D.C."

by Kelley Russell Latshaw - Bachelor of Music 2001

3 alums in our family!

Alumni, US

"Colorado Spring Break"

by Susan Shisler - Scott A Shisler Class of 1981

Hiking in the mountains in Estes Park CO. 15, 13, 10 and 3 year old sons had to do an O-H-I-O

Alumni, US

"Top of the Falls OHIO"

by Susan Shisler - Scott A. Shisler Ag Class of 1981

Climbing to the top with a 3 year old in a backpack for a grand O-H-I-O showing!

Alumni, US

"Buckeyes in Alcatraz O-H-I-O on Michigan Ave."

by Sara Meriweather - location:Alcatraz Island

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"Kentucky O-H-I-O"

by Maddie - Junior Biology Major

Members of the OSU Athletic Band trombones ventured to Kentucky after the Spring Football Game in Cincinnati.

Current students, US

"Appalachian Trail"

by Dr Saki

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"Ohio State fans by The Capitol Building"

by Sydney Dickinson - Future Buckeye-Class of 2017

My friends and I showing off our buckeye pride by The Capitol Building!

Future students, US

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